5 Minutes With WordPress 3.3

Waking up to a new roll out of WordPress, version 3.3 is now available for automatic update from the WordPress dashboard.  Now, I actually hate going through and updating websites, inevitably something breaks, with a theme, plugin, or something.  However, this morning I decided to jump in head first and see exactly how much another WP update can rock my world, at least after 5 mins of playing.

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Happy New Year From Nails!

Happy New Year everyone!  The end of 2009 was absolutely wicked crazy and had me busy working out offline duties, rather than monetizing my websites and updating my friends to what I’ve been up to.  So, see below for a recap of what the last half of December 2009 had me doing.

  • Preparing for family vacation to Disney World with my 2 year old.
  • Lots of Christmas decorating and preparation.
  • 9-5 Job
  • Admittedly playing too much WoW.
  • Netflix, the new streaming option has me hooked on actually getting to watch LOST.

So, now that things have slowed up a bit I plan on getting back to work.  Expect laundry list of updates to The-Grayline.com automotive blog, some money making ideas here on NailsBlog.com, and some development on my non-linked ecommerce sites.  This cold weather makes my fingers cold and typing slow, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trolling around the forums. 😉

I’ve Been Busy

Ugh, 2 months since I’ve made a post and yet I feel like I have so much to talk about.  For the few of you that are interested in what I’ve been doing, I apologize for the absence.  I’m optimistic that I will be able to focus more on some products that I’ve been using, methods that have worked, and more importantly those that haven’t.

Furthermore, it’s been a real interesting Fall so far, right?  No more eBay with Pepper Jam, global recession, and online retailers knocking each other over trying to score some Cyber Monday deals.  So where does that put an online marketer just 1 month away from the big holiday?

I’m going to assume sales and commissions will only dwindle up to and dieing on Christmas Day.  However, like my intention to post more, I’m optimistic that sales will grow exponentially after the first of the year.  I think people will have more disposable income and use it wisely by purchasing on the web.  I hope to isolate a few target niche markets and have these take off through 2010.

Not everything is growth however, I’ve had to make the difficult decision to not renew a handful of domains.  They just weren’t justifying their own existence and more importantly I didn’t have the time or money to develop them properly.  These domains became a drain, I had to think about them, spend some time on them, but never really develop.  So, I cut them lose and am now currently focusing on a few core domains.  Hopefully this will spell success in 2010.

So, expect more frequent postings.  Merry Christmas!

Affiliate Espionage For FireFox 3.5 Released

I jumped the gun and updated my Fire Fox browser a little early, before letting all my plugins get up to date.  Unfortunately Affiliate Espionage is one of those plugins that failed to be ready immediately.  The good news is that they announced this morning that the latest update is ready for download, meaning Affiliate Espionage will now work with Fire Fox 3.5.

How To Update Affiliate Espionage

To update simply look for updates in your Tools>AddOns>Extensions tab of your version 3.5 FF Browser.  Everything else should be automated.

Please click here for my Affiliate Espionage Review.

Upgrade SMF 1.1.8 to 1.1.9

SimpleMachinesForum script has released an update to 1.1.8 which addresses some security and bug issues.  Furthermore if you are one of those living on the bleeding edge, there is also an update to the latest Release Client 2.0 RC1-1.

The upgrade process from 1.1.8 to 1.1.9 was easier than expected and was a breeze compared to other forum software that I’ve used.  Literally 2 clicks later the update was applied without any issues.  To make sure you are using the latest version of the SMF forum software log into your admin panel and follow the prompts.

Like any other website script available, always stay up to date.  There are plenty of nasty script kiddies that love to wreak havoc on online communities, no matter how popular they are.

Another Piwik Update

It seems like to me Piwik has been updating a lot more frequently, which admittedly only causes minor frustration.  The latest version is 0.2.34 and includes only one fix, but a pretty big one.  Apparently there was an error with the Piwik cache generating files that did not count all visitors.  That’s kind of important to a stat tracking script. 😉

Piwik Piwik 0.2.34April 14, 2009

– FIXED #648 Generating cache files fails resulting in no visits recorded for a few users, due to wrong order in includes in piwik.php

The new download is available on Piwik.org or if you are using at least version 0.2.31 you can upgrade automatically via your Piwik dashboard.  I’ve updated and upgraded my database using this method in the past, with no issues.