Switching Theme And Thumbnails Aren’t The Right Size

When switching WordPress themes it’s always a good idea to regenerate thumbnails. There is a plugin that will help automate this process and keep thumbnails consistent across your entire theme.

I recommend changing themes on your website at least once per year.  It keeps the creative juices flowing and will help renew your interest in a project.  One problem with changing WordPress themes is that different sized thumbnails may be required, depending on the theme layout.  Changing a theme will not necessarily change the size of the thumbnails, based off of a set ‘featured’ image.  Thankfully, there is a plugin to help with this.

To resize your thumbnails, for a new theme, there is a plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails.  This WP plugin will force a regeneration of your featured images thumbnails, to allow consistency throughout your new WordPress theme.

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Engaging In Simpler Designs

A new year is closely approaching and it forces me to reflect on whats important to my design decisions.

snow-wpI’ve spent some time the past few weeks playing around with the new TwentyTwelve WordPress theme.  So far I’m absolutely in love with it’s simplicity and I have to ask, is a love of simplicity in design a sign of getting older?  No longer am I concerned with magazine style wordpress themes, billowing graphics, or cutting edge design, instead provide me with a blank slate and let the content design the site.

Don’t get me wrong, elegant designs still have an impact in my day to day developing process.  Elegant Themes(affiliate link) is of course my choice for custom WordPress themes, which provide my commercial selling websites with the modern look that visitors crave.  However, I just don’t feel these themes work with my content driven websites, I’m not selling anything.  I would prefer the focus be less on the theme and more on what I have to say, not that it’s particularly important.

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Using The New TwentyTwelve WordPress Theme

How to setup the static home pages on new TwentyTwelve Wordpress theme for 3.4.2.

The latest WordPress update has been released, however it does not ship with one of it’s greatest benefits, the TwentyTwelve theme. This all new theme is amazing by any standards and features the abilities of many paid premium WordPress themes. Why TwentyTwelve is not included in the latest download, I’m not sure, so finding it is the first step to upgrading the looks of your WordPress blog.

The TwentyTwelve theme can be found in the WordPress.org theme repository. Find the theme directly by clicking this link to download(as of this posting the latest version is 1.0), then install like any other WordPress theme. Setting the theme up is a bit more involved, although stock can fulfill a lot of a blogs basic requirements. The fun comes when you decide to setup static front pages.

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eStore Theme For WordPress

ElegantThemes.com is about to release a new theme called eStore, that will transform your WordPress blog into a full blown store front.  The theme focuses on nested menu’s, price listing on each posts thumbnail, and a design that will keep visitors coming back.  Unlimited access to the eStore Theme and the rest of their catalog can be had for just $19.95.

Theme Value

All of the themes I’ve been using from ElegantThemes.com have been coded beautifully and easily customized to fit your site’s niche or needs.  Although the initial cost of $19.95 gets you access to all the themes for 1 year, even if you decide to cancel your subscription, you are free to use the downloaded themes forever and on as many sites as you want.  Bar none, this is possibly the best money I’ve ever spent on my websites, which contributes to the sites marketing and conversion.

Theme Options

Each theme from Elegant Themes comes jam packed with easily configurable options.  All themes also include an ePanel that allows you to configure each and every aspect of the wordpress theme.  In addition, included in each download, are PSD files, which can easily be modified and tweaked.

Elegant Themes also includes WP themes for product websites, business sites, and even personal blogs.  All are beautiful, are updated to work with the latest wordpress releases, and include the latest blog technology.

WordPress Theme Uses

As soon as the eStore WordPress theme is released later this month, I plan on putting it to good use.  I have a number of websites running phpBay that will benefit from having a professional store layout.  Furthermore, with the release of phpZon and other affiliate plugins, it will be simple to produce a quality and high converting wordpress store front.

Sign Up To Elegant Themes Now

I’d recommend signing up to ElegantThemes.com for the price, value, and support.  Included in your yearly subscription is a support forum, where the designers and coders are readily on hand to answer any questions.  What few I’ve had, have been answered within 24 hours.  No doubt as the inventory of themes increases, the price will go up, so by signing up now you are locking in the value.

eStore WordPress Theme

Using Semiologic Theme With 2.6.X

More than a simple WordPress theme, Semiologic is an Internet marketing website building framework that was designed with ease of use in mind.

The theme’s collection of features are configurable by easy to use administration interfaces. And in the event where these don’t cover your specific needs, the theme’s pluginable nature allows for ultimate customization.

Download Semiologic

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