Cracker Jack Surprises Suck

Just on a quick break at work and decide to pickup some Cracker Jack’s out of the vending machine.  Admittedly it’s been years since I’ve tasted the sweet popcorn and nuts, but my has the product itself changed.  I’m not just talking about the packaging, which instead of a box is in a chip bag for dispensing, I’m referring to the product and Cracker Jack Surprise.

If my memory serves me right, not only was Cracker Jack full of carmel covered popcorn, but also plenty of peanuts.  Well my friends, if there were 3 peanuts in the entire bag they would have been lonely.  Seriously, a complete lack of peanuts, which basically meant they robbed me of the Jack in my Cracker.  But teh salt in the wound came in the form of the shitty Cracker Jack Surprise.

Usually I remember getting super cool rub on tattoos in my Cracker Jack boxes or maybe some little x-ray tool, mini coloring book, or something interesting.  Today I was greeted with a pencil topper, that’s it, a crappy paper cutout pencil topper.

This Cracker Jack experience basically ruined my entire day, thanks to a $.50 snack.