Global Warming Caused The Earthquake In The Midwest

…at least that’s what Todd Wellemeyer of the St. Louis Cardinals thinks.  It’s gotta be embarassing to the Global Warming crowd to think that he just represented all their ignorance in one fail swoop before the Cardinals and Giants game tonight.  I mean, Global Warming effecting the 08 Earthquake is laughable and shows the roots that Global Warming enthusiasts have.  Somehow it’s our fault every time mother nature strikes out and they use that guilt to further their platform.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, but claiming that Global Warming, which is still not proven, caused a 5.2 Earthquake makes me want to yuke.  That puts Wellemeyer on par with that fruitcake Tom Cruise.  Furthermore, if one feels so guilty to know that Global Warming caused a 5.2 Earthquake and subsquent 4.5 tremors, do you actually take full responsibility to change?

It’s my biggest problem with the Global Warming crowd, they claim and instill guilt and fear that Global Warming is caused by humans and will bring the end of the world. Are these same individuals so entrenched in their beliefs that they quit driving to work, quit using a clothes dryer, quit using hair spray, only buy earth friendly clothing?  How about not drinking bottled water, since that’s been proven to produce more green house gases from spring to mouth than any car could. I doubt they do and it’s this blind following of a crazy Al Gore that makes my blood boil.

How about we start using a little common sense with doomsday beliefs. Let’s step back and take a look at how long humans have been on this Earth and realize that there is no way we can control mother nature, one way or another. And for Christ’s sake, let’s play ball.