Pepperjam Network PayPal Payout Problem

Not really a problem, just wanted to get as many P’s in there as humanyly possible.  It’s more of a frustration and inconvenience than anything and one that has me rethinking my payment option through the Pepperjam Affiliate Network.  It’s the 3% that PayPal keeps off of the top, as a convenience charge, whatever.  According to PayPal it’s the cost of doing business.

However, right now, interest rates have fell through the floor so these fees are eating into my PayPal money pile.  I don’t need the money immediately and technically I’m not saving anytime by having a deposit via PayPal instead of an active check sent in the mail.  As soon as my bi weekly earnings are deposited into my Paypal account I immediately transfer them to my checking, which takes a nother 3 days anyways.

I think I’ll start keeping my 3% and have Pepper Jam start sending me a check in the snail mail.  $30 to $50 savings per month is still savings, right?

Why Sign Up To PepperJam Affiliate Network?

Why sign up to another affiliate network like PepperJam, when there is already a ton of other options available?  Competitors like Commission Junction and LinkShare have been around a lot longer and provide a larger number of programs to pull from.  But what makes PepperJam special or why would someone suggest joining another affiliate network, even if to use the same programs?  I’ll tell you why I choose to sign up with PepperJam and how it’s made my online marketing life a lot easier.

Customer Service

First things first, the PepperJam Network provides the absolute best customer service of any affiliat network I’ve ever signed up to.  All of their employees have been extremely nice, helpful, and if they dont’ have the immediate answers they have called me back within a reasonable time.  Furthermore, every time I’ve called I’ve been greeted with a real person, not an answering machine service.

I’ve also found that their employees, which specialize in specific programs have a stronger grasp of individual programs.  So isntead of talking to a catch-all employee, specific questions about a program are routed to the person in charge of that program.  Companies like CJ have this to an extent, but not on a level I’ve experienced while working with PJN.

Payment Options

The faster I get paid, the better and PJN offers payments every 2 weeks on locked commissions.  This means that my PPC campaigns aren’t left out to dry over a month while I wait on a commission check.  After an initial hold on new accounts (30 days), if you keep your plate full its possible to receive payments twice a month.  Also, the Pepper Jam Network pays out through PayPal, which I prefer.

Program Tracking And Functionality

To be honest, I feel a little intimidated when I do searches on Commission Junction, looking to create a relationship with programs.  It’s a bulky system with small popout windows, PepperJam just does a better job.  Their system is easily searchable, contains all relevant information, and provides links and banners is an easy to read fullsize window.  Searching for specific banner sizes, advanced links, and text ads is a breeze and doesn’t require endless scrolling for the one that’s  ‘just right’.

Their tracking appears to be spot on, especially when working with some of their larger affiliate programs like eBay.  Generally the tracking is done by third party systems, which are cross checked against PJN’s stats.  My only complaint is that their SID reporting sucks (at least for the ebay program) and they don’t offer a domain level report system.  This is more of a problem for me, since I setup multiple sites with multiple stores that causes confusion within their tagging of SID transactions.

All in all however it’s a great tracking system with easy to read reporting.  Compared with competitors like CJ it feels light weight and easy to use, not nearly as daunting to get a quick read on how your programs are doing.


I originally signed up with PJN becuase I was looking for an alternative to the mess that was the Ebay Partner Network.  But what I found was a full service, easily approached, and functional affiliate network that I intend to grow with.  It’s going to take some time, since I primarily focus on stores for eBay, but they offer enough variety that I can fill any niche I will come across.  I’m sure they will have something for you too, just check them out and see if they aren’t one of the top players in the Affiliate Network business today.

Sign up to PepperJamNetwork today and get $10 FREE! I can’t think of a better incentive to join a network that will help you grow your affiliate business.

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PJN Stats Are Horendous

Whomever talked PepperJamNetwork into using SID reports instead of domain reports must have been one smooth talker.  It’s cumbersome, difficult to read, specifically in regards to the eBay affiliate program when running multiple BANS and phpBay stores.  To Pepper Jam’s credit however it is the only issue I have with the company.

Anytime I’ve called the fine ladies over at PJN they have been quick to answer the phone, helpful, and always seemed to talk with a smile on their face.  Hell, just tlaking to a real person at a company feels like an exercise in futility and rarely does the person ansering the phone know the answers to my questions.  Thank you Pepper Jam for providing GREAT customer support.

But please , PLEASE, PLEASE fix your reporting to offer some sort of solution other than SID tracking.  A simple way to analyze my stats via domain would provide me much more useful information than the crap SID reporting shows.  Perhaps this is only a problem for those using BANS or phpBay, but I know it’s a pain in the ass because I can never tell specifically where the sale is coming from.

Furthermore, as a message to the boys managing the eBay affiliate program, FIX BOTS BEING COUNTED AS CLICKS.  Here we are months after release and bots are still being counted as clicks on my reporting methods through Pepperjam, which is destroying my EPC.  Figuring ROI through my ad campaigns is difficult enough on it’s own, without having to comb through worthless reports and ‘guess’ at what my real EPC is.

Pepper Jam Network
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