QTrax Smells Like Fresh FailBrownies

Hell, it’s already over before it got started and all I can find on the official sight is apparent lies in the authorization process. QTrax claims that to allow a better user experience they are limiting the amount of users and slowly allowing access to groups at a time, but all major news outlets seem to have a different story.

According to the news none of the major record labels gave rights to QTrax for the distribution of their music library. Apparently, it’s fubar, broken, and now just a heavy browser with the potential to leech music…if the rights are ever given. As of now, I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.


ABC News 




WidgetBucks WidgetSucks Review

My first impression of WidgetBucks was a positive one, especially considering everyone, including my grandma, was promoting it. However, I’m always suspicious of bloggers promoting a BRAND NEW company before any kind of real testing can be done. Although, since the dust has settled some new light has came into the dark closet of WidgetBucks ads.

For starters, Andy Beard first reported of hidden links within the code, although later it was fixed. So don’t forget, if you are using WidgetBucks, update your code, because otherwise you are unwittingly contributing to a massive link campaign for Mpire. This entire debacle was my first turn off.

Second, they promise the highest payouts and BETTER payouts than typical CPC programs. Which is fine and dandy, if they didn’t report clicks and revenue in a fashion that bloated the figures. They can get by with it, because they hide it in their terms and conditions, but they have a magic button that cuts your earnings by 50% or more. Be sure and keep track of not just your daily earnings, but weekly and even monthly, because they will change.

The statistics for one of my channels, for a single day, went from $1.80 to $.54. This is a sizable cut that is not clear to the common publisher, because of their intricate system to hide the facts. The change in earnings took a process of more than 24 hours, although they were merrily displaying $.10 per click during single day reporting. Am I being a bit melodramatic? Perhaps, but it still pisses me off and just another reason for me not to trust them.

But guess what, they know how to manipulate the blogosphere. You would have thought a week after launch that WidetBucks was the best thing to happen to the internet since broadband. I’m gonna keep my distance and for all you bloggers who jumped on the affiliate band wagon, why not take the time to consider what you are promoting before getting greedy for a few dollars.

And that reminds me, I need another post to bash AuctionAds, because I have yet to see my tiered payout. pfft.