Cloverfield Cloversucked

…if you get car sick, like I do. I loved the movie, I loved the way it was filmed, but christ I had to turn away more times than the first time I laid eyes on tubgirl or lemonparty. But, it was worth it.

I’m terrible at reviews and I know most people don’t care, but here is the jest, less the spoilers. The way the film was recorded and presented allowed me to get closer and feel more attached to the characters. Quite possibly one of the most intense military scenes in a movie I’ve seen, in terms of immersiveness(I don’t think this is a word).

I’d recommend this movie to anyone with an appreciation for non-traditional movies. Those of you looking for a man in a costume, ala Godzilla, need not apply. Also, don’t forget a dose of Dramamine before attending, there were literally dozens of people who left the theater, due to motion sickness. Again, worth it.

Cloverfield Has Been Hiding

I’m impressed, a movie that has allowed nerds to fall over each other for clues and spoilers has remained a secret all the way up to a week before opening night. Of course tonight the movie Cloverfield will be opening nationwide, but until prescreenings started a week ago no ‘real’ movie clues had been found. Instead, the marketing department of J.J. Abrams decided that an ARG (alternative reality game) would provide sufficient buzz and it looks like it worked.

For those of you not familiar with ARG’s, it’s a fairly new style of marketing that companies are now trying out to establish a ‘buzz’ about their product. Nine Inch Nails did it for their latest album Year Zero, Halo 2 did it with their ‘I love bees’ campaign, and now Cloverfield has marked itself in the ARG playbook as well. While I didn’t contribute to any of these games, I did enjoy following all the nifty clues, details, and speculation that follows such an event. Unforums provided the background for the Cloverfield ARG and many others for those that are interested.

Probably what I enjoyed most about this little social experiment was the fact that spoilers were hunted and I have no self control when it comes to them. Myself and others were tired of speculating since July over what the monster looked like and a week ago we were given our first picture of it and even YouTube videos of the nasties that will be in the movie. But I am truly impressed that with so many technonerds looking for clues that we didn’t have something sooner, Cloverfield had hid himself very well. Congratulations to the J.J. and everyone involved with keeping it a secret for so long.

I’m looking forward to checking the movie out tomorrow night with my wife. I’m taking my Dramamine, drinking some 7-up, and hopefully be entertained for a little longer than the standard 90min porno.