Getting Bored With Thunderbird

I’ve been using Thunderbird as my primary Email program at work for the past 5 years and it’s been annoying me as of late.  There have been a handful of tasks I was looking to accomplish, namely archiving which is becoming a pain in the ass.  Sure, some of it is my fault, but isn’t it the job of great software developers to create quality solutions to consumer mess ups?

Oddly enough I can’t even find a usable plugin or Mozilla Add On that allows me to easily archive all my messages.  And trust me, at over 3200, the time for archiving has came and went, I have no choice.  Searching through all of those emails is an exercise in futility, especially considering most searches are using similar search texts and it’s only their recency that’s important.  Perhaps if I had a higher powered computer this wouldn’t have become an issue, but it is.

thunderbirdSo I’ve taken the step most Thunderbird users have when wanting to archive emails, I’ve created folders and began manually dragging and dropping.  Or, specifically I’ve been highlighting and right clicking and selecting to move my messages to their respective manually created folders.  However, this just doesn’t feel like a valid way to archive, since the messages are still held within the email program.  There needs to be a method for archiving in the sense that they are removed from the Thunderbird’s tentacles and easily zipped up and stored nicely away on my 60gb hard drive shelf. (yes, small hard drive at work. -cldnails)

I’m manually archiving now and storing years into folders, hoping to speed up the software and more importantly Thunderbird search.  Unfortunately I may have to archive manually even further by creating monthly archive folders, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it won’t come to that.  But even worse, if this doesn’t adequately improve my Thunderbird experience it may be time to go back to Outlook and it’s automatic archiving features.  Gasp!