Company Secrets, Available via P2P

p2p Original SinSet our countries warning level to red, err fuschia, uh, wtf ever you want, there is trouble brewing. Apparently, due to p2p corporate kings are having their secrets sold online due to p2p. The level of thievery is so high that the WhiteHouse has already been briefed on this IT security threat. reports on how poorly configured p2p applications are leaking company secrets and other ‘sensitive’ information on the internet. It appears that this information is being sold in a blackmarket atmosphere to the highest bidder, and the original sin is p2p.

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AllPeers, is it ever coming?

AllPeers is an add-on for FireFox which automatically integrates filesharing into the popular browser. However, it’s announcement was made quite some time ago and we have yet to get our hands on a working copy.

My guess is someone is going to a lot of work to cover their behind in terms of copyright infringement lawsuits. The free extension boasts having the most secure p2p experience available, when it finally becomes available. Sounds good, but will that day ever come?

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Safe Peer for Azureus

Most p2p users protect themselves with IP blocking clients such as Protowall and PeerGuardian, but a plugin available for Azureus makes it that much easier.

SafePeer is a plugin which integrates almost any IP database into Azureus. It then manages these IPs and automatically blocks them from connecting to your computer, during the download or seeding phase. The plugin is fully automated and easy to install, definately a worthy addon to a phenomenal client.

What’s in a Torrent Site

I noticed a thread at my favorite P2P site The Peer Group, which was basically a rant for a site banning a certain client. What upset me was the fact that the author felt there was a need for another thread about this. And, to make matters worse they answered their own questions and explained the reason for the ban in their own post.

Private torrent communities are owned and operated by owners, it’s not a democracy. There was a saying that I distinctly remember hearing when I was 15 turning 16 and about to get my license.

Having a drivers license is a privlage, not a right.

I think this applies to private torrent communities. Don’t bitch, just abide by their rules or move on.

RIAAssholes after YouTube

The RIAA is at it again, this time their focus is not on BitTorrent sites, Kazaa, or even newsgroups, no, they are after YouTube.

YouTube is known for featuring prepubescent videos of kids dancing to NSync, setting each other on fire, and even fecal jokes. It’s obvious why the RIAA would be interested in shutting such an immoral site down. Not to mention the millions of dollars they are losing because the kids aren’t paying for the rights to republish their work, STEALING the RIAA’s property for a quick joke.

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‘Smoking Keyboard’ TPB Blog

Found out that Mikael Viborg of The Pirate Bay setup a blog to chronicle the alleged raids that happened a few weeks ago. After reading through his entries it’s still hard to tell what is fact or what is fiction. Or more importantly what’s exaggerated.

The comment that I took away from the entire blog was his reference to the ‘smoking keyboard’. This was citing the fact that officers raided his home, not just the hosting grounds, and confiscated all the electronic equipment in his home. Mikael also noted the value his microphone must have in an investigation dealing with copyright infringement.

Super Torrents Closing It’s Doors

Super Torrents has decided to close it’s doors, not the site, but rather it’s doors, you know, the way you get in. pfft

Beginning 6/24/06 no new users will be accepted and all outstanding invites will be revoked. Therefore, if you want to get in, now is the time to do it.

I have a butt load of invites available, so if your a friend or can bring references let me know. I’d be happy to provide honest non-leeching people with invites, simply leave a comment and ask.

Blog Blogitive and earn some $$

Blogitive is the latest marketing idea that is meant to bring bloggers and advertisers together. Blogitive has created an interface where advertisers can place offers on the table and then potential bloggers and either accept or reject said offer. The interface is actually extremely simple and really only takes a moment to start earning some revenue.

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P2P Donations, the Controversy

For the advancement of almost any idea or product requires money. I’m not saying that someone has to get rich, or even make a solitary dollar of profit, but money is needed nevertheless. The biggest money eater is the hosting fees that sites must endure to provide you, the users, with the warez you like to download.

All to often do I come across forum posts of people ranting about sites asking for donations. What’s the big deal? The alternative would be a public tracker, with popups and ads on every single page. Money is needed and if you enjoy a service you should donate to further the cause, end of story. To take, take, take, and never give back is leecher idealism.

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Azureus Plugins

You may remember from NailsBlog V1.0 I attempted to start a feature where I would cover the plugins that are available for different BitTorrent clients. Well, I got busy with so many different things, that it fell through. Well, I hope to revive that again.

To start things off I am merely going to take the time to point out a link to ‘all’ the major Azureus plugins that are available. All the plugins are available via the bittorrent protocol. Let me know which ones are your favorite. 🙂

Sourceforge Azureus Plugins