3 Favorite Features of Google Insights

Google Insights
Google Insights

I just got around to reading the blogpost on InsideAdwords and man, even in a short few days I’ve really been missing out.  The announcement of Google Inisght for Search will be a priceless addition to any CPC campaign user.  Hell, I’ve already picked up a handful of new keywords to add to my Adwords campaign.  My initial thoughts are that paid services that are already in this market will quickly become obsolete.  Second, here are a list of 3 of my favorite things about Google Insight for Search.

  • Incorporation Of Google Trends – To be honest it was a bit cumbersome using Google Trends and as such, I never really used it as much as I should have.  But now, I can search my keyword and get a trend for the past 5 years.  This trend for seasonal search keywords is already becoming invaluable as I ramp up my campaigns for the summer rush.  Furthermore this trending graph will allow me to plan for slow times in the year or adjust my campaign accordingly.
  • Rising Searches – This handy little feature on Insights allows you to see related keywords that are rising in popularity.  Although it does not directly give a numerical figure to how popular the search keyword is, it does give you the percentage increase in search frequency.  This obviously becomes important when looking for sub-niches or seasonal changes to an Adwords campaign.
  • Categories – This may seem like a ho-hum addition to most people, but not affiliate marketers.  Hell, most of the products that I market online I don’t know a thing about, I just know keywords.  So the category section of Google Insights gives me areas that I can explore within the keyword and how relative my keyword is to a specific niche.  For example, on golf carts, I now know that most searches originate within the Sports Category rather than Automotive, which I had originally been targeting.

Without a doubt I will be spending a lot more time on Google Insights in the upcoming weeks.  This new tool by Google will allow me to flesh out some more keyword ideas and fine tune the Adwords Campaigns I already have running.  Thank you Google for such a great free tool, but curse you in the same sentence for creating more competition in the fly-by-night domain of affiliate marketing.

Smoking Smarties, Growing Maggots

Smoking smarties is a supposed trend developing among the youth in 2009.  Smoking Smarties is what happens when you grind up the Smarties candy while in the wrapper, then opening up both ends, and inhaling the dust.  Often the practice of smoking Smarties includes exhaling through the nose.  God, I can’t even imagine how that would feel.

Now for the really scary part about snorting Smarties.  Apparently it’s possible to grow maggots in your nose by smoking Smarties.  The sugar residue left in the nasal cavities can reportedly sustain the life of maggots, which they feed on the sugar.

Christ, nasty, kids go steal some cigarettes from your mom’s purse already.

Smoking Smarties
Smoking Smarties

Update* 3/24/09

Apparently I had underestimated the stupidity of our youth, it’s real.  Kids are crushing up Smarties candies and pretending to smoke with the candy dust.  Take that Joe Camel.  Below is a video that was aired on the news of a black kid smoking smarties and blowing it out his nose.

Even worse, kids are going to Yahoo Answers to answer health related issues with inhaling the candy dust.  Basically teh general consensus is you should be smoking cigarettes at this point, rather than inhaling the sugar, preservaties, and god knows what else in those tasty little candies.

Heh, when I was their age I popped them claiming they were power pills, but not smoking them.  What’s next, a how-to snort smarties candies off a mirror.  Just keep looking cool!


What is mashable.com?

To me it appears to be a Social Networking ‘themed’ blog, used to ploy search engines into crawling their site. Consider it a dumbed down version of Digg, where the goal is to get MySpace users to click on ads and use their second-rate layouts, graphics, and glitters.

Wikipedia doesn’t have an answer to what Mashable.com is, unlike previous google trend sightings. Today on Mashable.com, at most, it’s an entertaining spectacle of what one could find on Google Street View, with a top 15 list, including semi-naked babes. (err babe, singular)

*Disclaimer – This has been another Google Trends test. Thanks for participating!