Getting Bored With Thunderbird

I’ve been using Thunderbird as my primary Email program at work for the past 5 years and it’s been annoying me as of late.  There have been a handful of tasks I was looking to accomplish, namely archiving which is becoming a pain in the ass.  Sure, some of it is my fault, but isn’t it the job of great software developers to create quality solutions to consumer mess ups?

Oddly enough I can’t even find a usable plugin or Mozilla Add On that allows me to easily archive all my messages.  And trust me, at over 3200, the time for archiving has came and went, I have no choice.  Searching through all of those emails is an exercise in futility, especially considering most searches are using similar search texts and it’s only their recency that’s important.  Perhaps if I had a higher powered computer this wouldn’t have become an issue, but it is.

thunderbirdSo I’ve taken the step most Thunderbird users have when wanting to archive emails, I’ve created folders and began manually dragging and dropping.  Or, specifically I’ve been highlighting and right clicking and selecting to move my messages to their respective manually created folders.  However, this just doesn’t feel like a valid way to archive, since the messages are still held within the email program.  There needs to be a method for archiving in the sense that they are removed from the Thunderbird’s tentacles and easily zipped up and stored nicely away on my 60gb hard drive shelf. (yes, small hard drive at work. -cldnails)

I’m manually archiving now and storing years into folders, hoping to speed up the software and more importantly Thunderbird search.  Unfortunately I may have to archive manually even further by creating monthly archive folders, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it won’t come to that.  But even worse, if this doesn’t adequately improve my Thunderbird experience it may be time to go back to Outlook and it’s automatic archiving features.  Gasp!

Adsense Notifier Update And Others

Please, for the love of all that is holy, Add-On developers please keep your FireFox add-ons up to date.  I’m tired of going several weeks without my Adsense Notifier, Live Page Rank, and others.  Not to mention those of you who are selling paid versions of add-ons should make it priority one to get updates rolled out as soon as a new browser version is available.  At least tried and true Gmail Notifier is still functional.

Currently I’m setting on Affiliate Espionage, waiting for a new version to be released so that it will work with Fire Fox 3.5.1.   And yes, I can hear all you naysayers, I should have waited to upgrade my browser.  But I would ask why?  Updates and upgrades are not a surprise and constant development is what I’ve come to expect from quality online utilities.  At most I should have to wait no more than 24 hours for a stable version to be released, with perhaps subsequent bug fixes for the next few months.  However, I’ve lost all use of a handful of plugins that I rely on, rant over.

Cracker Jack Surprises Suck

Just on a quick break at work and decide to pickup some Cracker Jack’s out of the vending machine.  Admittedly it’s been years since I’ve tasted the sweet popcorn and nuts, but my has the product itself changed.  I’m not just talking about the packaging, which instead of a box is in a chip bag for dispensing, I’m referring to the product and Cracker Jack Surprise.

If my memory serves me right, not only was Cracker Jack full of carmel covered popcorn, but also plenty of peanuts.  Well my friends, if there were 3 peanuts in the entire bag they would have been lonely.  Seriously, a complete lack of peanuts, which basically meant they robbed me of the Jack in my Cracker.  But teh salt in the wound came in the form of the shitty Cracker Jack Surprise.

Usually I remember getting super cool rub on tattoos in my Cracker Jack boxes or maybe some little x-ray tool, mini coloring book, or something interesting.  Today I was greeted with a pencil topper, that’s it, a crappy paper cutout pencil topper.

This Cracker Jack experience basically ruined my entire day, thanks to a $.50 snack.

Don’t Be Afraid

I decided to write a quick post on not being afraid to take chances, make contacts, or try something new.  Within the past few months I scored 2 PR6 links to one of my sites, with nothing more than a short simple email.  But more on that later.

What’s keeping your site from suceeding?  You’ve done the leg work, you’ve followed the directions, it’s shake and bake damn’t and you helped.  Why aren’t you seeing results?  It’s because you are afraid.

Fear keeps us from truly branching out, searching and discovering that new angle.  It’s the constant barrage of negativity found on forums, blogs, and even the local newspaper that beats us into thinking that there is only one way to make a dollar.  I have news for you, until you break free from this grip of fear, the money will not flow.  It takes creativity that everyone has the capability of producing, if they can shed the fear.

I’m not talking about just spending money on campaigns, although it helps, I’m talking about dropping that email to the person you think won’t give you the time of day.  Shed insight into other peoples lives, even if you think they dont’ want it.  And damn’t quit listening to guru’s because they are all selling you shit that will keep you on the lower rung of the affiliate game.

This leads me into how I scored 2 PR6 links recently, all because I broke out and dropped a couple emails.  I sponsored a great wordpress theme awhile back and it spread really really well.  Simple, sweet, only my distributed by link in the footer, tha’ts it.  Well, a few PR3 – 4 websites started using it.  I tracked it, watched a handful, and noticed that specifically 2 sites dropped my link from the footer.  Not angry, just disappointed.

So I drop an email to the owners, or operators, or whatever asking for them to place add the link back.  Obviously stating that I had invested in the design and some credit somewhere would be appreciated.  Guess what, both returned their links to the footer and during the last update changed to PR6.  Bing bam score!

I could have let it slide, people still themes and my work all the time.  But I break out of the fear of rejection regularly and corner a few, get in their face, and demand success.  It may only be a small percentage of time that I actually get a positive reaction or any action, but it’s enough to put me in the black and finally drop down to a single income household.  Find that fear that’s holding you back and beat its ass.

The Ugly Truth About eBay Sellers

I’ve been spending more and more time focused on eBay, how it works, auctions, sellers, buyers, and more importantly helping someone get a small business to take off.  My experience also extends to an existing power seller, with over 4,400 feedback.  Everything that I see in regards to eBay I hate.

Here is a breakdown on the ugly Truth about eBay Sellers:

1. Every seller has multiple people that they associate with, which they employ to bid up their auctions.  This allows the seller to start an auction at a low-low price, without worry of seeling it to a thrifty buyer.  Yes, getting a deal on eBay is a myth.

2. The only way sellers make money on eBay is to carve out a niche, make their money, and then get out.  As soon as a niche is found to be making money, it is immediately flooded with scammers, those willing to sell items at a loss, effectively destroying the market.

3. Sellers only sell crap on eBay.  Expect to pay the same price on eBay as anywhere else if you intend to buy a quality item.  Everything else is just junk, crap, items that people can sell in a typical brick ‘n mortar for fearing of being laughed at.

4. The really big sellers on eBay will give items away at their cost, to destroy competition.  They also don’t pay their employees jack and rely heavily on a manufacturers ‘rebate’ at the end of the year.

It’s a bastardized marketplace that used to be such a wonderful outlet for actual online garage sales.  Furthermore, I feel that back when I originally signed up(Feb 2003) I was not concerned with being scammed.  Now, it’s both buyers and sellers scamming anyone who takes the time to ‘try’ and compete with the power sellers.

No thanks, count me out.

Thursday Throwdown

It isn’t enough that I go through life living in ‘Missing Chromosome Hell’, but now I’ve got to be subjected to it on TV and the internet. I’ve decided my Throwdowns could be done more frequently and better annunciated through FecalAgitator, my new bitch blog. Nevertheless, the Thursday edition will always be a little water down and still here on my personal blog.

  • Diagonal yellow lines mean ‘No Parking’ not ‘Fat Lazy Bastard Parking’.
  • A gas station running out of coffee at 7:45 am should be punishable upon death.
  • Drinking Diet Coke with your extra value meal, large, is freakin pointless and irritating.
  • When posting in online forums, read at least the majority of the thread before putting your $.02 in. I hate reading the same 5 word response over and over.
  • Those on the receiving end of most prejudices perpetuate said prejudice.

Only observations and said only to make myself feel better. Thanks for allowing me to keep my sanity for one more week. I swear, if it gets any worse my high blood pressure will cause my eyes to bleed.

US Airways Causes Urinary Tract Infections

My recent trip to New York City has taught me many things, most importantly, never count on the airline industry. Don’t count on the plane arriving on time, don’t expect there to be peanuts, surely don’t look forward to an attractive stewardess, and lastly, don’t count on having a working restroom.

My flight was supposed to leave Laguardia Airport at 3:00pm, so like a good traveler I arrived at the airport as suggested, 1 hour in advance. At 3:00 an announcement was made that my plane was in it’s landing phase and that we would begin loading shortly. The robotic gate attendant suggested that another announcement would be made when the plane was on the ground.

At 3:30 my plane had not touched down on the tarmac and I was accompanied by about 20 other passengers when I uttered ‘shit’ under my breath. What makes matters worse is that at this point, I needed to use the restroom. Plagued by the fear that I would miss my flight, I held, with the intentions to use the bathrooms on the plane. The robot attendant continued to make announcements every 15-20 mins declaring that our plane was in the process of landing. Mind you, never was a delay time given.

No set delay time and apparently an endless landing pattern made my bladder hurt. Due to my noobness at flying, I still not dare leave the gate area for fear of missing my flight. 2 1/2 hours after scheduled boarding time, my plane had finally arrived!

6:30pm, I’m on my way back to Louisville KY, with visions of stainless pee catchers dancing in my head. But what did I hear, much to my surprise, the toilet was out of order and I’d have to hold for another 2 hours. Now, I do not have a UTI yet, but if I do, I’m sending the bill to US Airways.

P.S. For the record, I made it to the toilet in Louisville without any spillage. However, it was a photo finish making for an exciting dash through the gates.

Last TT of the Year

Yes loyal visitors, this shall be the last Thursday Throwdown of 2006! Ready or not, here they come.

  • Just because your mentally retarded does not give you the right to physically take food out of my mouth in a public restaurant. Guardians should be responsible enough to control said, peeps.
  • Someone should invent freakin self leveling drywall mud….damn’t I hate sanding.
  • Why is this the first year I’ve had Dream Sickle fudge, I’ve been deprived my entire life. I blame my parents.
  • New cars don’t come with turn signals, just driver-side douche bags.
  • My wife won’t let me take the Christmas tree down until after her birthday. She was born on Jan 28th. 🙁

That’s all for now, I’ll be looking for all my friends across the net in the new 07. Keep it real kid, because your worth it.

Thursday Throwdown

It’s time for yet another edition of Thursday Throwdown in which I complain and generally bitch about the things that annoy me. You’d think this time of year would provide plenty of material, but alas, people are being overly polite to me lately.

At any rate, here comes a list of annoyances I cannot avoid.

  • People who sit directly beside me in an empty restaurant.
  • How can people afford nice shoes, nice coats, but not deodorant?
  • At some point during the evolution of man they forgot the basics of merging into traffic.
  • Despite what my dog may do, your dog is not allowed to shit in my yard.

I know there are more, but at this time my creative bones are restrained from lack of caffeine. I’m sure I’ll post again before Christmas, but if I don’t I wish all my friends a Merry Christmas. Not a Happy Holiday, therefore if you do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you nothing. Get over it.

Thursday Throwdown

I’ve decided to make a theme post, which will surface every Thursday. The Thursday Throwdown will be a post of the things that have driven me freakin bonkers throughout the week, things I hate, rather basically me just whining to those who will listen.

This list is in no way complete, rather a list of things that have been eating away at me. In the future assume that these Throwdown posts will not be in list format, rather a few rants, but for the sake of time here comes a list this week.

  • Not using a turn signal should be punishable by death.(Not all new cars come standard with turn signals, most come with the optional driver side douche bag.)
  • Why is it that I get the same amount of fries at Hardees when I order a small or a large combo?
  • If you cut me off to get a parking spot, I should legally be allowed to punch you in the face.
  • How do gas stations run out of coffee?
  • Since I quit smoking, I realise just how stinky most of the public is.

That’s all that I can think of first thing this morning. You’ll probably see more added throughout the day.