SimpleNails IndexScript Template

On occasions I like to express my creativity via PhotoShop and what normally comes out is a steaming pile of web fecal matter. However, at times I figure someone might be interested in what I’ve done and use it, look at it, comment on it, or whatever.

For your entertainment I introduce SimpleNails a slightly modified version of the original IndexScript skin.

Simple Nails Template Preview

Simple Nails Template

 Download IndexScript Simple Nails Theme: Here

Simple Nails Indexscript Theme is free to download and use as long as the footer links are left in place. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I hope someone may use or enjoy this template, feedback is always welcome.

sNews Template OCTemplate

Celebrating my first CSS cherry pop, I’m releasing OCTemplate for sNews. If your not familiar with sNews is an extremely light weight content management script and relies wholly on CSS stylesheets for it’s look. I decided I needed to try out my CSS skills and what turned out was fairly decent…I think.

OCTemplate for sNews

Simple, sleek, and fully CSS.

OCTemplate for sNews

OCTemplate Features:

  • Left Side Navigation
  • Rollover Navigation Buttons
  • blockquote CSS Attributes
  • extracontent Index Placement
  • LOGO PSD included
  • Free!
  • No Bread Crumbs(which may lead to another release)

I’ve only been using sNews for a few days, but it’s growing on me quickly and I think I’m gonna use it on my next project. 1 file script and SEO friendly urls, it’s hard to compete with. It packs a lot of necessary features and holds out on the fluff, which causes my distaste of PHPNuke, Joomla, Mamboo etc…

If I have one tip, it would be to use the ‘extracontent’ to distribute contextual ads and affiliate ads throughout your site. sNews enable you to control which category specific ‘extracontent’ is displayed. Have fun and let me know what you think, criticisms are appreciated.

If you missed the download link, DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE HERE.