Like Playing Flash Games?

It seems that online flash games are becoming increasingly addictive and intricate. Not to mention the sheer number of websites offering them now is a bit out of control. However, if your looking for a good list of fast, free, and quality gaming sites my Blackfox Directory is building a very strong list.

Flash Games 

Peruse through the links, find a site you like and let me know. If any site is singled out as having a better gaming experience than the rest, it will be featured in my Directory Blog.

BlogMad Surf & Blogexplosion Mishap

As some of you are aware I utilize the traffic generating site BlogMad, for some of my sites. The idea is that you surf other peoples blogs and for every site you visit, you are awarded a visitor to yours. Ultimately, the goal is for you to branch out and discover blogs that you otherwise would not have found. But, it’s not all silver lining.

Today, I was surfing through some blogs via Blogmad and happened upon a very religious blog, preaching fire and brimstone. Apparently blogs such as this is the latest craze, because about 1 in 4 on Blogmad states that I’m going to hell…for different reasons.

The unusual and funny part is that he blog in question was displaying text advertisements for BlogExplosion. The advertisement block lists a number of blogs, which exchange credits for an advertisement spot on said blog. What did I find being advertised on this entirely extreme religious fanatic blog….. 

The anchor text in the advertisement was “The Gayest Gay Ever!”. Ineteresting enough this self proclaimed ‘Third-World Faggot’ has apparently developed a following. And now, he’s coming at ya balls to the wall pretty boy faggo style on The Christian Prophecy.

Alexadex Rumble

Referral LinkOk, so I’ve joined into a clan in the popular online investment game Alexadex. At this point I’ve fought my way to second place in the clan and it’s a sizable jump to get to first, this is where my visitors come into play.

You can easily help me earn an additional $10,000 by simply signing up to this game. It costs nothing to play and can actually be pretty fun. Basically, using the stats from, you invest in certain sites. Their ‘worth’ is figured buy how heavy their traffic stats are.

What do I win if I get first, a swift kick in the ass and a job well done. 😉

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