What Stole Your Time?

I hate the interwebs, just as much as I love it/need it. The problem I face on a day to day basis is my inability to stay focused, RSS feeds be damned. I hate tangents yet I’m constantly riding the virtual surf.

My latest list of distractions:

The above sites are only supplemental to the usual suspects. Digg, Digital Point, Reddit, you know who you are. I’m gonna learn to sue aforementioned sites like fat kids sue McDonalds.

Virus Squirt…sounds dirty.

Zune, Microsofts answer to the iPod has received a very unwelcome response over this past week. Although costing the same, $250, the Zune offers but one feature the iPod does not, Squirting. lol, what an mmmtarded name.

After perusing through some mp3 player reviews and professional opinion columns I started paying closer attention to the user commented sections. The actual users had a lot more to say than the regurgitating opinion columnists.

So why is it when there’s a pro-Apple product review the reviewer is somehow biased? Five reasons why the iPod is better than the Zune:

1. The iPod’s been around long enough to work out some of the initial kinks in the earlier iPods. Zune is first generation and will improve.

2. The scrolling wheel. Why try to “copy” it when you can’t? Zune designers should have considered a creative alternative.

3. Podcasts. I listen to more podcasts than music. Apple’s always enriching the pot of downloadables: music, video, podcasts, and now games. Zune doesn’t support podcasts.

4. Squirting? Zune’s big feature? I’m just waiting to see if the Zune becomes as big a virus target as every other Microsoft product. If so, they’ve built in the mechanism for disaster in the very first model. How long before people are (unknowingly) “squirting” Zune viruses at each other?

5. A song on iTunes is 99 cents. There’s no “Apple Bucks” or “iTunes Points.” No initial sum required. iTunes works on Macs and PCs. It’s simple and easy. Yet someone at Microsoft looked at that and said, “no… I’ve got a better idea.” Microsoft abhors simple logic. They built their music empire upon the name Zune…but take a look at zune.com. Did no one think to buy this domain?

Thank you so much Molly_Maine who commented on SFGate.com. That comment and many more like it can be found as you scroll down, which to me holds more weight than what the paid writers have to say.

Kramer Goes Nuts

Michael Richards, whom played Kramer on Seinfield was recently filmed going nuts during one of his stand up routines. The video clearly shows Richards referring to a black member of the audience as a nigger and then continues to scream the word over and over and make references to what ‘would’ have happened 50 yrs ago to the black visitor.

Michael Richards Racism on YouTube 

The problem with videos such as this is that it does not show what led Kramer to react like this. It only shows his reaction and not the cause, nor does it show what happened after he walked off of stage.

Sorry if you take offense to this posting, but my problem is that I have no beef with the word nigger. I would place the same weight on the word asshole as I would the word nigger…it’s just a word and its just an insult.

PS3 & Free Shipping

…for $99,999,999.00. Not a bad deal, especially considering you get free next day air saver.Play Station 3

eBay PlayStation 3 Fanatics

At this point it’s safe to say that the auction will go into default and the poor seller will have to relist. It’s especially unfortunate considering the individual had been camping out since Oct 10th and planned the auction to end today, the launch of the system. Oh well, doesn’t really effect me since I won’t be buying one, nor anyone that will be able to afford one till the price drops.

The good news is that there are plenty of other listings on eBay where you can get a PS3 and even a game for still under $3,000. With 20mins left in most of these auctions it stands to reason these prices will be the norm until Sony ups their production. Oh how I love supply and demand.

My Latest Surf Crap Visits

Unfortunately I find it very difficult to stay focused at the computer very long. I’ll logon in hopes of finishing up one of my sites, making some forum posts, or working in PS, but inevitably I end up surfing. Below is a few of the sites that grabbed my attention in the last few days and thought others might enjoy.

Microsoft FireFox Browser 

15k Challenge by Ex or continuing BlackHat 

ClickBank Market Place – I know there is something I can market in here.

Deviant Art – My idea getting place, such a great source of inspiration.

v7n Tech 

Xbox Live 

That’s it for now, I’m sure I’ll think of some I’ve missed later.

Rental Robots, Inc.

Crazy I tell you, just crazy! Apparently our European brethren are already familiar with automated video rental stores, where human interaction is null and void. During my typical afternoon surfing at work I noticed an ad for RentalRobots and it looks like it’s coming to the US.

Essentially you buy all the components you need to run a video store. Then, just open the doors and make sure the power stays on, the rest is done for you. However, if you want to offer some level of human interaction there is an optional web interface for customer support.

Google Groups Beta

Google Groups is an attempt to make accessible the many conversations that go on in the dark alleys of the intranet. While dark alleys may be a bit over dramatic, it’s not too far from the truth, considering that Usenet is older than the WWW itself.

Under normal circumstances an individual would need to pay for access to usenet, to take part in these conversations. These conversations are not well organized like forums, but read more like public email reply’s. For new users it can most definately be a daunting task to find what your looking for, enter Google Groups.

Google Groups contains the world’s most comprehensive archive of postings to Usenet, dating back to 1981. Google Groups eliminates the need for newsreading software and lets you search this archive in the same way you would search HTML pages on the Internet. You can also use Google Groups to post your own comments to an existing Usenet newsgroup.

Google Groups introduces a web interface to usenet, creating an easier experience for the usenet novice. Typically, an email program such as Thunderbird or NewsReaders such as Newsleecher were required to access this plethora of information and a subscription to a newserver. Thanks to Google, things are becoming free, but has yet to incorporate the ability to download NZB’s. 😉

Announcing Recommended Downloads

I spend more time on the internet than I probably should and as such have discovered a plethora of free programs. These downloads are used on almost a daily and I’ve compiled a list of the most important, to me.

The free download compilation consists of  a few referral links(that I still recommend), p2p related downloads, and some others that I use regardless of topic. Compiling this list gave me some time to play with CS2 and get to know my downloads a little bit more intimately, researching logos etc….

I hope this list servers you as well as it has served me, here is a link to my recommended downloads page. In addition to hopefully providing a service to my visitors, it was a good way for me to fill up my top navigation bar with something other than ‘about’. 🙂

1and1 Hosting Package

Whoa, as Keanu Reeves would say, 1and1 hosting just sent me a welcoming package via snail mail. Now I’m not as seasoned as some of the webmasters out there, however I have used and am currently using more than one hosting provider.

As of today I have had experience using ServerPlace.net, HostGator, and most recently 1and1. Bar none my experience with 1and1 thus far has been heads and shoulders above the others. HostGator I dropped within the first 30 days because of their lack luster support attempts. ServerpLace.net has been providing me hosting for over a year now, but I’m still not 100% satisfied.

The 1and1 care package is simply amazing, especially for users new to the hosting scene. The packet details my coverage, contains a welcome letter, and a small book that details everything I would need to know about their control panel. It’s only been about a month since I’ve been using them, but so far props to the peeps at 1and1, I may be switching all my hosting over.

I mention all of this on my own free will, but I also noticed that they are offering an affilaite program as well. Any friends of nails that are looking for some very inexpensive hosting and great service be sure and sign up through my referral link. 😉


Google Pages Themes

Google Pages is a great alternative for those looking to start publishing on the internet, but don’t want to pay for server space. In addition, the tired Blogger themes and free Word Press hosting can be a little frustrating to get into and if youw ant something different you need G Pages.

G Pages provides free hosting and comes with all the development tools you need to get started. It has an easy to use WYSWYIG editor and uses tools to easily upload files and photos. It appears that just recently they also updated their themes, so it doesn’t have to look like all the other pages. 😉

If you are brand freakin new to webmastering…get started with G Pages to see what it’s all about. Hell, there is even a Nails Page.