Persons Unknown Forum Launch

I’ll admit, I was a Lostie and since that show as went off the air I’ve been left wanting, perhaps that hole can now be filled with the show Persons Unknown.  I was late to the game with LOST, having not seen episode one until 3 years after it started.  Thank God for Netflix, because I was able to get caught up and watch the series finale live.

This time I decided to jump in head first, so to speak, and create my own Persons Unknown forum to stay on top of the show.  I lucked out and got an awesome domain name and built the forum off of the phpBB forum software.

I’m still trying to decide if I want to use phpBB SEO or leave the default links in place.  For the most part, the most popular TV show forums on the web, dont’ even bother with SEO friendly urls.  I’ll have to do some thinking about this one and the time/cost benefit of keeping things updated and fixed.

The show itself, Persons Unknown, debuted last night with the first Episode.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, albeit an obvious rip off of elements from LOST.  I’m just hoping that Persons Unknown has just as long as longevity as LOST.

Visit my Persons Unknown Forum

Twitter Maintenance Downtime

How am I supposed to twit about the maintenance on Twitter if Twitter is down?

We will have 90 mins of maintenance starting at 9:45p Pacific today, June 15.

Also, I’m still not throughly convinced that the proper speek is not Twat instead of Twit.  And lastly, I’m working on a through Twatting how-to article to get the most out of your blog posts and help reach the Twitter target audience.  It’s gonna be easy and utilize just a couple of Word Press Plugins.  BRB

How To Allow Pop Ups In Chrome

FireFox allows you to do it, Internet Explorer allows you to do it, but guess what?  There is no function within Google Chrome to give permission to a website to automatically allow popups.  This means, that every time you try to open an external PDF, login screen, or game on some websites you are forced to click the allow button everytime.

This would seem like a no brainer to fix, almost immediately after launch.  But here we are, months after Chrome’s initial release and there has yet to be a patch for this.  Furthermore, I’m still waiting on Chrom Add-Ons that helped drive FireFox’s p0ularity.  Unfortunately the lack of addons and now the lack of ability to allow popups based on domain have sealed the deal for me.  It will be awhile before I start my Chrome browser up again anytime soon.

Also, if you feel like giving Google an ear full, drop a line over at their complaint department.  There are plenty of other people pissed off that there is no way to allow popups in Google Chrome.

*Update – Google Now Allows Popup Authorization to Websites, How To Allow Popups In Chrome

Why Nails Blog?

I’ve used the online alias nails in some manner since the first time I laid hands on a keyboard.  ‘Nails’ made reference to my favorite band, Nine Inch Nails.  Literally, I’ve been a fan since the early 90’s and was won over by Pretty Hate Machine and later truly devoted to the NIN following with Downward Spiral. Hence, my love affair with the nails name and now my persona ‘cldnails’ continues on.

This week maybe more than ever I’m proud to bear the nails moniker.

On Monday Nine Inch Nails released their 2nd album in the past 3 months, The Slip.  Trent Reznor has managed to completely shake up the record industry with his previous release of Ghosts, which he marketed versions of as cheap as $5.  Because of Ghosts success and Reznor’s love of his fans, he released The Slip completely free and bearing a Creative Commons License.  Free of a record label he’s been able to connect with fans at a closer level than any other artist in recent history.

No DRM, high quality downloads, options for quality of download, and extras like art was included in NIN’s past 2 releases online.  Everywhere you look people who were not even formally NIN fans are starting realize the value of such an endeavor and supporting the cause.

For those interested in downloading and supporting Nine Inch Nails, head over to to get your utterly free, DRM Free, and high quality copy of The Slip.

[phpbay]nine inch nails, 5, “307”, “”[/phpbay]

Conservative Comments Buried In Liberal Fecal Matter

Ok, so I’m tired of my comments being buried in liberal shit at places like Digg, Reddit, and pretty much any other social networking site on the web. Are you kidding me, just because there are more libs on sites like these doesn’t mean what I have to say needs to be shit canned. (In some cases completely deleted at Reddit) So is the birth of my latest creation…

I’ve started for my comments to have a place to set, to be viewed, to be discussed on sites that have an agenda other than mine. It’s a place for like minded individuals to help turn the tides, raise diggs, points, or whatever so that our views will not be lost in the noise. It’s my soap box if you will and I’ll be screaming as loudly as possible and try to remain coherent.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to add your own comments, with a link so that I can help digg or +point for you too. – think about it.

Cloverfield Has Been Hiding

I’m impressed, a movie that has allowed nerds to fall over each other for clues and spoilers has remained a secret all the way up to a week before opening night. Of course tonight the movie Cloverfield will be opening nationwide, but until prescreenings started a week ago no ‘real’ movie clues had been found. Instead, the marketing department of J.J. Abrams decided that an ARG (alternative reality game) would provide sufficient buzz and it looks like it worked.

For those of you not familiar with ARG’s, it’s a fairly new style of marketing that companies are now trying out to establish a ‘buzz’ about their product. Nine Inch Nails did it for their latest album Year Zero, Halo 2 did it with their ‘I love bees’ campaign, and now Cloverfield has marked itself in the ARG playbook as well. While I didn’t contribute to any of these games, I did enjoy following all the nifty clues, details, and speculation that follows such an event. Unforums provided the background for the Cloverfield ARG and many others for those that are interested.

Probably what I enjoyed most about this little social experiment was the fact that spoilers were hunted and I have no self control when it comes to them. Myself and others were tired of speculating since July over what the monster looked like and a week ago we were given our first picture of it and even YouTube videos of the nasties that will be in the movie. But I am truly impressed that with so many technonerds looking for clues that we didn’t have something sooner, Cloverfield had hid himself very well. Congratulations to the J.J. and everyone involved with keeping it a secret for so long.

I’m looking forward to checking the movie out tomorrow night with my wife. I’m taking my Dramamine, drinking some 7-up, and hopefully be entertained for a little longer than the standard 90min porno.

Frustrating Realization

People are asshats. As I type this simple and to the point message I can’t help but wonder, is asshat one word or two? Also, do the asshats of the net know that they are asshats? Are they aware that the weight of their impact online could be measured on gnat balls?

Too many questions, not enough frequent postings, I’m sorry. The reason for this post was to let loose a little tension I’ve been under recently over comments made back and forth on social networking sites like Reddit and Digg. There are simply too many idiots with an internet connection that think everything is a conspiracy, the government hates them, the US is the devil, and Hillary Clinton is gonna fix it all.

As I type this I feel another patch of hair coming loose.

I’ll hopefully get back to my normal posts soon, after all it’s a new year and time for a new me. Later.

How Does A Kangaroo Keep Cool

Oddly enough my regular forum surfing led me to the new Google Hot Trends. Today, it would seem the subject is how Kangaroo’s keep cool. So, how does a kangaroo keep cool? For most questions like this I turn to Wikipedia, since I’m not a marsupial, and I don’t live in a Kangaroo infested location, I need to rely on outside information.

According to our friends over at Wikipedia, a Kangaroo’s efficiency in a very hot and dry climate is directly related to their hopping. For every time they hop, their lungs are expelled of air and when the recoil, for landing, they are filled back up. This leads to more efficient use of their bodily fluids, less energy is expelled, and the kangaroo will keep cooler because of this.

Is this the definitive answer for ‘how does a kangaroo keep cool’? Probably not. Will it result in higher hits to my blog today, according to Google Trends? It’ll depend if people are searching for Kangaroo answers through the blog search. Most of my visitors should be searching for Kangaroo in Tampa and Orlando, Florida, however a few visitors will undoubtedly show up from Atlanta, GA.