New Google Shopping For Merchants

My experience with using the updated and new Google Shopping for Merchants. This change effectively costs me more money in advertising costs, yet has not yielded better or more conversions.

Google changed the way merchants interact with their Shopping search, which translates into more money and fewer conversions.  Google Merchants before the change were able to submit their stores products and have them listed, without a fee.  However, now there is a fee for each click made within the Shopping categories of Google and on the Shopping results that show up in standard search engine results.  I’ve noticed the same amount of traffic, same amount of conversions.

Working specifically in my niche, all the users who had items listed before Google Shopping went paid, are still around.  So it’s not like the competition pool dried up.  Basically on my end no benefit has been made, other than my advertising budget has went up to get the same clicks I was receiving previously.  To help soften the blow, Google did offer $100 in free advertising through their paid product placement listings within the search engine results.  Not worth it.

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Bing Sending Traffic

Thank you Microsoft for finally launching Bing!  Taking it a step further, please continue to promote Bing and make it a real Google competitor.  Today traffic from Bing has made a substantial impact on my web stats.

Also, following the search terms used I’m seeing that the visitors are highly relevant.  In most cases it appears to be mimicking Google SERPS, but for now has me closer to the top of the results.  Although I know this is early in on it’s launch, but it already feels better not having to worry about all my eggs being in Google’s basket.

I think it’s time I start looking into advertising on Bing, at least while the attention is high.  And, I’ll kick back and hold my breath that the traffic will hold and increase as time goes by.  Google needs some competition.

Trends Test

I must admit, I’m confused. There must be more factors at stake here that I’m not able to see, such as articles pointing toward a keyword in Google Trends. My test consisted of me picking a top 10 Google Hot Trend word and then making a post, with the keyword used as the title. Afterward, I choose another ‘Spicy’ key phrase and repeated said process.

 How Does a Kangaroo Stay Cool?

My First search phrase netted me over 200 unique visitors in about a 20hr period. The majority of traffic came from my blog link in the Hot Trends page for the keyword. However, in less than 15 minutes my blog was ranking #2 for the same keyword phrase on normal web search.

A very small percentage of my traffic actually originated from normal web search, around 10%. This leads me to believe the only traffic I received actually looking for this term, organically, was a handful or less. The rest of the traffic was webmasters following the new Google Hot Trend train. Needless to say this traffic did not convert, at least with the few Adsense ads I have running on my site.

Iron Carbon Alloy

The second keyword phrase I used was Iron Carbon Alloy, which netted less than 20 hits. My opinion is that less people were interested in this phrase, at least webmasters interested in what Hot Trends could offer their site. All of my traffic came from my blog link on the Hot Trends Page. Although Spicy at one point, ‘Iron Carbon Alloy’ has already dropped off the hot trends radar.


More testing is definitely necessary to see what other external factors play a part in ranking. For Hot Trends blog links some sort of relevance is determined before your site is even listed. Lastly, webmasters hanging on Google’s every move do not convert…at all. So how do we use this in a real world, marketing and converting environment?

Iron Carbon Alloy

Steel is the most common form of an iron carbon alloy. According to Wikipedia there are a number of Alloy’s in the Iron family.

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