MPAA Loves P2P

The published an interesting article about the MPAA’s response, or lack thereof to Guba. Guba an usenet indexing site offering feature length movies for $.99 and TV shows for $.49 is apparently completely protected by the MPAA, rather the MPAA is not interested in their illegal offerings.

BitTorrent trackers and ED2K indexing sites as of late have been the focus of the MPAA’s wrath, but they are ignoring Usenet. Why? Is there an unspoken rule, is there a deal striked up somewhere that makes Guba and usenet untouchable? Yet another reason why I love my newsgroups and newsleecher.

“They’ve been working with us in good faith, and they’ll continue to do so. We have a relationship with Guba, and they have a commitment into making sure that they don’t offer copyrighted content. We’ll continue to monitor the situation, and if for some reason it doesn’t happen we will talk to them,” a spokesMPAA said.

The article goes onto describe how evidence was shown to the MPAA proving that there was no filtering and that illegal downloads were readily available. However, the contact at the MPAA was trusting enough to ignore all evidence and go on faith alone that the network was operating properly and within legal ramifications. pfft

BitTorrent Ashwin Navin Interview

On Oct 19th, The Guardian posted an interview with Ashwin Navin, President and CEO of BitTorrent. This self-proclaimed creator of the BitTorrent business model floats through the interview walking on piracy eggshells….pfft.

Navin’s ability to dance around questions like, ” The judicial system in the US has taken a dim view of peer-to-peer networks – in fact, Grokster is out of business. Why is BitTorrent still around?” , make me wonder if this isn’t just a face man. Consider this, who’s the fall guy going to be since BitTorrent has incorporated and Brahm Cohen is striking deals with the likes of the MPAA? Navin answers politely, but dances as usual, assuming we’re all idiots.

If your technology looks like it was designed for illegal purposes, you’ll be held liable for it. It’s kind of like the pornography standard, I can’t define it but I know it when I see it and that is basically what the court handed down. From the beginning of BitTorrent, Bram vociferously discouraged the use of BitTorrent for piracy and warned users there is no anonymity.

The only reason the official BitTorrent company is still around is because they striked deals.  In no way have they “vociferously discouraged” piracy, other than instituting some very lackluster filter techniques. Essentially, signing deals with the devil will get you a seat to the right of the MPAA, of course it’s hard to turn down a $1 million dollar contract.

It seems that no matter who the MPAA/RIAA works with they only suceed in clouding facts and confusing the consumer. We all remember the worm escapade that the RIAA knowingly added to their cds, but what about pricing structures. There is a fine line between greed and profit minded decisions, I think it’s clear to the consumers what side of the line the MPAA is on and it’s abundantly clear from what Navin has to say about legitimate pricing.

One of the things that seems to be proven is that consumers need a consistent pricing framework. The pricing needs to be commensurate with the value proposition of getting a digital download and so we are learning from others. We are shaping that up.

That’s about as clear as mud, where do I sign up?

Slyck Badmouths Torrent Site Ratios

SlyckTom, in an attempt to bring back news to an otherwise flat news site, sets fire to a great p2p controversey. In a rare link to, SlyckTom announces his support of Bram Cohen and his stance on leeching. However, all of his arguments are rooted in a leechers mindset, not taking both sides into consideration. Lol, he considers himself a true journalist.

In essence the implementation of ratio enforcement only forces those who have no intention to share beyond they completed download to use spoof clients; while the policy is irrelevant to those who naturally feel obligated to seed.

This argument would assume that BitTorrent tracker operators were not in the “know”. Private tracker operators are very aware of how to block spoof clients and actively hunt down/ban said spoofers/clients.

Charging for information not owned by the seller is frowned upon not only in the physical world, but online as well.

I agree 100%! 

The once famous P2P client generated legions of followers, and not just because it was a decent source of information. Rather, Blubster created a community environment that challenged Napster. It had a concise news section, and an entire .net domain dedicated to the sole purpose of furthering its large community. 

That’s the point of private bittorrent communities, it’s all about community. Unfortunately, an isolated few private communities promote pay-to-play requirements, that hurt the image of the whole. Take it from a torrent veteran, there are quality meaningful private communities and there are those that are focused on the almighty dollar.

As file-sharing stabilized, much of the magic that initially surrounded it has dissipated. Those around since the beginning may even question the relevance of file-sharing. Maybe people are taking the whole deal too seriously. Sit back, relax, and see what’s happening out there.

I remember when I began my p2p endeavors with Napster, although after it’s fall I immediately got out of the scene all together. In fall of 04 I discovered bittorrent and have been hooked ever since. Admittedly, my re-addiction to p2p began with one thing, becoming a part of the community.

Azureus Released

Did you mis the Azureus update? (I did.) The latest Azureus package was released on 8-22-06 and is ready for the p2p crowd consumption. I would imagine we will see updates much faster since uTorrent and Azureus are apparently at each others throats.

Who has the best bittorrent software?

1. What’s new in Azureus

1.1 Send to Friend
A wizard to simplify sending a link to content to a friend or to embed in a web page (e.g. a blog).1.2 Auto upload speed
This feature controls your upload speed based on the latency of your internet connection as gauged by pinging other members of the Distributed Database.

1.3 Other new features

  • OSX: Open .torrent files into Azureus via Finder/Desktop/etc.
  • ‘Do not download’ files handled more consistently with respect to download completion.
  • Renaming of a download directories.
  • Moving of data files on torrent removal from Azureus.
  • Signed updates and plugins for improved security.
  • Interface improvements – more information: date added, idle times, new info view, file piece view; more per-torrent options.
  • Debug information generator.
  • More in the changelog.

Don’t forget to check the plugins –
New remote control plugin – AzSMRC

1.4 Bug fixes and performance improvements
Notable fixes:

  • LAN Peer Finder retains peers more effectively; explicit LAN peer identification.
  • Reduced CPU usage when connected to large numbers of peers.

I loves me some new p2p updates and hopefully the competition between uTorrent and Azureus will be a good for everyone involved.

DRM Bad for Bittorrent reported yesterday about Ashwin Navin’s, President of Bit Torrent, interview with IDG News Service. Ashwin states what has been obvious to us all for years, DRM is bad for BitTorrent! Duh?!

The interview goes on to talk about steps that Bit Torrent is taking to legitimize the industry. Talking on such topics as cacheing torrents and working with ISP’s to NOT throttle the protocol.

I think this is exactly what Shawn refers to as the Pyramid of Piracy.

Announcing Recommended Downloads

I spend more time on the internet than I probably should and as such have discovered a plethora of free programs. These downloads are used on almost a daily and I’ve compiled a list of the most important, to me.

The free download compilation consists of  a few referral links(that I still recommend), p2p related downloads, and some others that I use regardless of topic. Compiling this list gave me some time to play with CS2 and get to know my downloads a little bit more intimately, researching logos etc….

I hope this list servers you as well as it has served me, here is a link to my recommended downloads page. In addition to hopefully providing a service to my visitors, it was a good way for me to fill up my top navigation bar with something other than ‘about’. 🙂

AllPeers Beta Launch

I received my email today notifying me that I have access to the restricted beta program for the much awaited AllPeers. I’m not sure if I’m late to the party or if I’m early, nevertheless I’m looking forward to trying out the software tonight.

In addition, AllPeers uses a unique invite system so that my friends can try out the system as well. Currently there are 4,570 invites available for all the users of AllPeers and I have a feeling these will all go fast.

If your interested in an invite please post a comment here along with your email address and I’d be happy to send one your way, as long as they are available.

What AllPeers is all about:

Unleash your online experience and add multimedia sharing
capabilities to your favorite browser.

Share private photos worry-free. No passwords to remember, no public access.

Share your videos without uploading – save on hosting costs while saving time.

No cumbersome interface. No sharing restriction. Private and secure.
No spyware, no adware, no annoying advertisements.

Do you like free software? Do you like Firefox? Do you like sharing?

MashBoxx Samples

I was reading up on the pirate turned white hat Grokster network Smashboxx and I’m just amazed at the limits. Granted they are offering something more than what was available in the past, but it just doesn’t seem like the major labels are getting the hint. I say this, since it has yet to be determined what the price will be per track.

You bet since the major labels have their hand in this that it will be more than the typical $.99 per track as well. In the eyes of Big Money, you have to cover all your expenses and losses, to them the try before you buy is a loss. I’m anticipating tracks ranging in price from $1.50 to $2.00 when it finally launches.

I’ve signed up to be notified whent here is a beta release available. It’ll be interesting to see how extensive their supposed library is. There has been no announcement how Mashboxx will handle illegal content on their network, if it’s not owned by one of the record labels that have signed up. Does that mean they are just SOL?

Company Secrets, Available via P2P

p2p Original SinSet our countries warning level to red, err fuschia, uh, wtf ever you want, there is trouble brewing. Apparently, due to p2p corporate kings are having their secrets sold online due to p2p. The level of thievery is so high that the WhiteHouse has already been briefed on this IT security threat. reports on how poorly configured p2p applications are leaking company secrets and other ‘sensitive’ information on the internet. It appears that this information is being sold in a blackmarket atmosphere to the highest bidder, and the original sin is p2p.

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