Fix: Newsleecher Super Search Not Working

Recently my Newsleecher Super Search function stopped working.  The program would load fine, download articles, and subscribe to newsgroups just fine, but the Super Search would hang when the search button was pressed.  After some fiddling around in the settings, cursing, and eventually walking away I figured out the issue.

About the time my Super Search stopped working I installed a new antivirus program.  As it turns out Avast On Access protection will block the incoming results from the Newsleecher Super Search site.  Therefore while OnAccess was running, I could not get search results.

Easy fix, just turn off Avast OnAccess Protection while you are using Newsleecher and problem solved!

Newsleecher is software that enables the archiving, subscribing, and downloading of articles from newsgroups.  It requires a yearly subscription for access to the Super Search function.  Also, actual access to the downloading of articles from Usenet is required for Newsleecer to function.  For more information and support for Newsleecher please visit their forums.

Streaming P2P, BitTorrent Killer?

I’ve picked up an article from discussing P2P-Next which is attempting to create a new p2p delivery platform.  This new platform is reportedly capable fo streaming content using p2p, which must be one heck of a project considering all the factors involved.  Anyone familiar with the p2p king BitTorrent knows how different any content can be when trying to isolate ‘parts’ from different hosts.  Different upload speeds alone can make or break certain torrents or content depending on how you look at it.

According to Afterdawn they are also offering an open beta to test and get reports on the new technology.  Personally I wouldn’t touch the new software with a ten foot pole, because you know every Tom, Dick, and something AA will have their hands in it as well.  I’m thinking only the Lord knows what kind of vulnerabilities streaming p2p contains and I’m not willing to find out.

Last I checked it looked like NewsGroups were making a come back, which I currently use for my Linux Distro downloads.  Perhaps a new generation of bittorrent is needed to put a little more spring in the step of the pirates and cut down the AA’s another notch.

Double Twist Media Sharing

Well, I’m still waiting on the failed attempt of a legitimate music sharing service called Qtrax, so now my attention has been directed to DoubleTwist. The bad boy who broke traditional DVD encryption is back with an application that supposedly can sink up any and all media formats to easily share amongst your friends. The application touts itself as being legal, but what users may do with it is probably not.

I’ve yet to have an opportunity to actually jump into it’s features, but hope to tonight sometime. Based off of information on the Double Twist homepage it reminds me of Grouper, which failed on many levels for my file sharing requirements. Grouper has sense died and became Crackle, which pretty much makes me want to vomit.

For now, I’m cuddling up with Newsleecher and uTorrent, but hopefully Double Twist will help fill another void.

QTrax Smells Like Fresh FailBrownies

Hell, it’s already over before it got started and all I can find on the official sight is apparent lies in the authorization process. QTrax claims that to allow a better user experience they are limiting the amount of users and slowly allowing access to groups at a time, but all major news outlets seem to have a different story.

According to the news none of the major record labels gave rights to QTrax for the distribution of their music library. Apparently, it’s fubar, broken, and now just a heavy browser with the potential to leech music…if the rights are ever given. As of now, I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.


ABC News 




QTrax Fact or Fiction

Midnight tonight, 25 million songs will be released upon the world, for freeish. According to press releases the RIAA is taking a step in the right direction and providing a new substitute for purchasing $.99 tracks or paying full price for a ‘mainly’ crappy CD. QTrax is a network of legal, free music downloads, but they do come with DRM attached. In addition, to listen to the songs you must use their player, obviously laced with some advertisement.

I think it’s great under a few if’s, which are as follows:

  • It’s real, the jury is still out for me whether this is a media stunt, false ‘legal’ premise download site, or just a funny, funny ha ha move on Anon’s part. 😉
  • There are no root kits installed, spyware, adware, or anything else I’m not aware of kickin around on my system. I don’t want the player checking my hard drive for ‘illegal’ copies of music at the cost to listening to a few ‘legal’ copies.
  • Ads aren’t popping up everywhere and changing my homepage, replacing cookies, or wearing down my system resources.
  • Speeds are good. Inventory doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not obtainable in a timely fashion, at least use half of my 10mb line.
  • It’s not a trial then pay to play, been there done that. I don’t want to have access to play all songs once and then pay a ‘nominal’ fee for every time there after.. Damn’t FREE means FREE, otherwise I’ll stick to my newsgroups.

Those items being said, I’m not against people making money for their product. I’m totally cool with some ads in a player, as long as the service is comparable to FREE. Hell, I’m not even upset about DRM, of course I don’t own a portable media device, but the songs better be transferable to a CD.

I’ll guess we’ll see at midnight tonight if this is the real deal Holyfield or another ploy to get consumer private details by the likes of the RIAA.

Zune Squirt in the Face

I can’t say squirt without feeling really dirty, at any rate, it looks like Universal and Sony are pissing off Zune customers. The ability to transfer songs from one Zune MP3 player to another was the primary reason to own a Zune, compared to an iPod, but the amount of compatable songs is quickly dimenishing.

According to a post over at ZuneUser, you stand a 50/50 chance that the songs you download will not be transferrable. Originally all songs would be able to capitalize on this new technology, but with the restriction that they last X amount of times played or a specified number of days. Since Universal and Sony have their way, not every son is fair game and Zune users want to be warned.

IsoHunt, a Domestic Pirate Bay

It was announced yesterday that IsoHunt’s servers were raided, seized, and a victory cry was heard over the airwaves. The MPAA was quick to announce the success of their operation, all to similar to The Pirate Bay in Sweden. However, unlike TPB, IsoHunt’s servers were located in the US where the MPAA and FBI have legal jurisdiction.

In a statement on their website, Isohunt administrators posted this “Lawyers from our primary ISP decided to pull our plug without any advance notice, as of 14:45 PST. No doubt related to our lawsuit brought by the MPAA, but we don’t have more information at this time until people responsible comes to work tomorrow. We will be back in operation once we sort out this mess with our current ISP, or we get new hardware ready at our new ISP.

I was unaware that the MPAA was a standalone policing agent, apparently I was wrong. Lobby enough and you too can control the nations police force. pfft

Hi-Def BBC Programs

Zudeo HomepageHi-definition programing is quickly catching on to the masses. The prices are falling, therefore opening up the market to a whole new era of distribution. Often times the difference between a basic 30min program and a hi-def version of the same show can be up to a GB or more. Obviously distributors are looking at ways to curb the bandwidth usage and their bottom line.

The BBC are looking to be one of the first to utilize P2P technologies to distribute hi-def programing. Although the BBC will be using your bandwidth to distribute their products, the service will still not be free. No pricing structure has been announced as of this posting.

What shows can you look forward to in Hi-Def?

  • Red Dwarf
  • Dr. Who
  • League of Gentlemen
  • Fawlty Towers
  • others…

How do you get BBC hi-def?

The BBC will be utilizing Azureus software Zudeo. This program allows the sharing of large files, such as Hi-Def shows, via bittorrent. Reportedly, the BBC specific content will be available on their own channel and allow users to comment and rate different episodes.

Elite Segregation

RIP  May, 2005

I remember, I was at work and the family I had grown to love disappeared in the blink of an eye. On Oct 26th the first ruling in the first US Bittorrent tracker case took place and ended 23yr old Grant Stanley in jail for 5 months. Adding insult to injury, the sentence also includes 5 months worth of home detention coupled with a $3000 fine. All of this has been reported via TorrentFreak and this evening I’ve spent going over the comments, which make me absolutely sick.

Most visitors, oblivious to the fact that other EliteTorrent admins are reading their comments spout out ‘facts’ and opinions which make the writer look like a tard. It really does make me sick when I think back to the day I was greeted with the red ICE logo and notification that my favorite torrent site had been shut down. Those same feelings are compounded after reading through the comments on the TorrentFreak blog.

The problem is that most people who took the time to comment were not a part of the EliteTorrent family, but merely leechers looking for a quick fix. TPG rose from the ashes of ET and it offered no torrents for download whatsoever, but rather a meeting place for the p2p family and friends. The laws a gray area, the responsibilities of the admins a gray area, it’s just difficult to point the finger at who is really responsible. This does not negate the fact that there are a plethora of idiots commenting over at TF, so if you feel like getting pissed off check it out.

For Scott McCausland and others who have yet to be sentenced…Good Luck! Despite what you may see in the comments at TorrentFreak, you know you still have family out here. 😉

Get Legal at P2PSeek

What’s the definition of legal p2p? It appears to me that the phrase legal translates into a DRM ridden file that is only partially complete, or at best a good sample of what your actually looking for. Alternatively legal may mean that the files your looking for don’t exist at all. Let’s not lie to ourselves, p2p users don’t want legal, they want DRM free files for cheap or next to nothing.

However, the misleading term legal is thrown around the bittorrent scene and surfaced again yesterday at

The P2P Search Engine encompasses over 200 P2P, music, and video web sites, including top P2P industry news portals, blogs, forums, and companies. Sites include all member companies of the Distributed Computing Industry Association ( ).

That doesn’t sound very appealing to me, but I intend to research the engine in more detail in the next few days. The problem is that with so many illegal alternatives a ‘legal’ alternative just isn’t going to cut it.