Azureus Released

Did you mis the Azureus update? (I did.) The latest Azureus package was released on 8-22-06 and is ready for the p2p crowd consumption. I would imagine we will see updates much faster since uTorrent and Azureus are apparently at each others throats.

Who has the best bittorrent software?

1. What’s new in Azureus

1.1 Send to Friend
A wizard to simplify sending a link to content to a friend or to embed in a web page (e.g. a blog).1.2 Auto upload speed
This feature controls your upload speed based on the latency of your internet connection as gauged by pinging other members of the Distributed Database.

1.3 Other new features

  • OSX: Open .torrent files into Azureus via Finder/Desktop/etc.
  • ‘Do not download’ files handled more consistently with respect to download completion.
  • Renaming of a download directories.
  • Moving of data files on torrent removal from Azureus.
  • Signed updates and plugins for improved security.
  • Interface improvements – more information: date added, idle times, new info view, file piece view; more per-torrent options.
  • Debug information generator.
  • More in the changelog.

Don’t forget to check the plugins –
New remote control plugin – AzSMRC

1.4 Bug fixes and performance improvements
Notable fixes:

  • LAN Peer Finder retains peers more effectively; explicit LAN peer identification.
  • Reduced CPU usage when connected to large numbers of peers.

I loves me some new p2p updates and hopefully the competition between uTorrent and Azureus will be a good for everyone involved.

BitComet Patch

BitComet Acceleration Patch 4.3 has been released at FileCluster. This plugin/patch obviously speeds up BitComet downloads of the bittorrent persuasion.

According to FileCluster the patch contains no spyware, adware, or malware. Unfortunatley, I’m not a fan of BitComet, therefore have not tried out this patch. Don’t take my word that this will fix all speed problems with BitComet. The key to fast downloads via bittorrent is to make sure your connectable.

For those who find this post via google or another SE and are looking to increase their bittorrent download speeds, check out the TPG forums for some p2p love.

Safe Peer for Azureus

Most p2p users protect themselves with IP blocking clients such as Protowall and PeerGuardian, but a plugin available for Azureus makes it that much easier.

SafePeer is a plugin which integrates almost any IP database into Azureus. It then manages these IPs and automatically blocks them from connecting to your computer, during the download or seeding phase. The plugin is fully automated and easy to install, definately a worthy addon to a phenomenal client.

Azureus Plugins

You may remember from NailsBlog V1.0 I attempted to start a feature where I would cover the plugins that are available for different BitTorrent clients. Well, I got busy with so many different things, that it fell through. Well, I hope to revive that again.

To start things off I am merely going to take the time to point out a link to ‘all’ the major Azureus plugins that are available. All the plugins are available via the bittorrent protocol. Let me know which ones are your favorite. 🙂

Sourceforge Azureus Plugins