AllPeers Minimizing to Tray

I’m still having fun with the AllPeers extension for firefox, checking out the support forums and adding friends. However, there has been one issue that has been driving me up a wall.

Whenever you close FireFox, AllPeers minimizes the browser to your toolbar. Well, when I hit X I want the bitch to close, not minimize. After a few days of frustration I found a fix.

View your FireFox extension, click on AllPeers, click options. There you will find the ability to turn off minimize to tray when closing the browser.

TorrentFreak Added to Roll

Just happened upon a new blog tonight while doing the dead-man surf, which is the zombie like state I’m in before going to bed. The blog in question is TorrentFreak and has been added to my blogroll for my visitors to consume.

While perusing my favorite tags over at Technorati I found the article How The PirateBay Raid Changed Sweden and it caught me off guard. Mainly because the effects of p2p stretch much further than our wallets, social networking online, and our struggle with archaic(sp?) law.

Thanks for the recap TorrentFreak.

iTunes More Popular than P2P

Pfffft, is what I say to that title. Throughout the entire p2p/legal download war we have seen analysts on both sides come up with certain numbers to benefit their agenda. So who can you believe and is there any truth to the madness?

NPD’s Music Watch Digital service has came out with a survey that announces that iTunes is larger than p2p networks. However, after closer inspection you see the actual networks they are comparing them to. iTunes is supposedly is just as popular as Limewire, but beats out iMesh and Kazaa.

These figures don’t surprise me too much, but how can you compare all p2p traffic? It’s easy to see how many users are on Kazaa or Limewire simultanteously, but torrent traffic is much harder to track. In addition, hasn’t bittorrent taken over most popular downloading networks falling just short of eDonkey and the like?

It’ll be interesting to see how the major production companies twist these figures to fit their agenda and make p2p out to be the bad guy…once again.

Email P2P Pando

Pando is the latest in large file sending email programs and it’s based off of p2p framework. Boasting enough storage and sending space to email videos, pictures, and other large attachments, it’s just a fancy bittorrent network.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times are apparently raving about this new email application. Probably one of the greatest reasons for it’s success is the fact that it does not include spyware/adware/malware. Usually, with non-opensource applications that deal with filesharing malware is the biggest drawback to an application.

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Stream XviD/DivX with Xbox 360

So, how many of you out there love the low quality DivX/Xvid files? I know that i do, for their small download, but did you know that you can convert them to a format that is playable on your Xbox 360?


Videora allows you to easily convert files which are commonly found on p2p networks and stream them to a playable format on your Xbox 360. Check it out.

RedSwoosh P2P?

At what point does this sound like a good idea? No user interface, share files on your hard drive, only set what gets shared by linking the file to the site Once you link your file to the site you are essentially marked, so any competent p2p p1r8 will stay away from such nonsense.

But, is there a place for such a site and program? I guess when I finally zip all the amateur pron of me and my fiance I’ll place the file up there to share. Hmmm, my honeydo list keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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AllPeers, is it ever coming?

AllPeers is an add-on for FireFox which automatically integrates filesharing into the popular browser. However, it’s announcement was made quite some time ago and we have yet to get our hands on a working copy.

My guess is someone is going to a lot of work to cover their behind in terms of copyright infringement lawsuits. The free extension boasts having the most secure p2p experience available, when it finally becomes available. Sounds good, but will that day ever come?

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What’s in a Torrent Site

I noticed a thread at my favorite P2P site The Peer Group, which was basically a rant for a site banning a certain client. What upset me was the fact that the author felt there was a need for another thread about this. And, to make matters worse they answered their own questions and explained the reason for the ban in their own post.

Private torrent communities are owned and operated by owners, it’s not a democracy. There was a saying that I distinctly remember hearing when I was 15 turning 16 and about to get my license.

Having a drivers license is a privlage, not a right.

I think this applies to private torrent communities. Don’t bitch, just abide by their rules or move on.

RIAAssholes after YouTube

The RIAA is at it again, this time their focus is not on BitTorrent sites, Kazaa, or even newsgroups, no, they are after YouTube.

YouTube is known for featuring prepubescent videos of kids dancing to NSync, setting each other on fire, and even fecal jokes. It’s obvious why the RIAA would be interested in shutting such an immoral site down. Not to mention the millions of dollars they are losing because the kids aren’t paying for the rights to republish their work, STEALING the RIAA’s property for a quick joke.

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