Download Torrents Without PC

The official BitTorrent company, created by Brahm Cohen, is currently working with manufacturers to integrate their p2p protocol with consumer electronics. The idea is that you could download torrents via a router, media server, or any non PC based hardware.

Keep in mind this advancement will be centered around legitimate p2p seeds. So sorry, those bastard child torrents will most likely not be able to pass through whatever DRM infested protocol they create for the systems.

Streamcast Found Guilty

Streamcast, owners and creators of the p2p network morpheus, were found guilty yesterday in encouraging copyright infringement.

“In the record before the court, evidence of StreamCast’s unlawful intent is overwhelming,” Wilson wrote.

Big Bully takes on Big Piracy, but does a court ruling solve piracy? I think this is just another smoke and mirrors game with the RIAA/MPAA to take attention off of the real issue. They are still putting out crap music, crap movies and wonder why sales are falling.

Fuck the RIAA, Fuck the MPAA, this fecal use of the judicial system pisses me off.

Snakebite Bittorrent Tracker

Drag-n-drop bittorrent tracker?

Snakebite is the world’s first drag-and-drop auto torrent seeder that makes sharing files over Bittorrent easier than ever before.

Get your home brewed torrent tracker via SnakeBite. On a side note, I would never, ever, ever use such a program.  I’ve not gone into the server requirements for this quick install application, but running a torrent site requires a lot of resources.

If your looking to have a bit of fun, this might be for you. However, if your serious about building a torrent site, use the tried and trusted protocols. There is no such thing as a free lunch and there is no such thing as an easy torrent tracker install. 😉

Limewire Sues RIAA

Yesterday p2p software developer LimeWire countersued the RIAA, on the basis of anticompetitive behavior. LimeWire is demanding almost $476 million for damages and claiming that the RIAA is attempting to develop a monopoly over digital distribution.

The alleged unfair business practices include collusion among the record companies to price their licensing rates in such a way that independent music sellers can’t afford to stay in business, LimeWire said.

High licensing fees, power hungry, and threatening smaller businesses creates a very strong case against the Music Bully. It would seem that the p2p community is finally rallying it’s troops and ready to fight back. Thank God.

Shawn Hogan vs MPAA

Today I found out that the owner of a forum I frequent is involved in a MPAA lawsuit. Shawn Hogan, owner of the Digital Point webmaster forums, is currently going through litigation with the MPAA.

What’s unique is that DP is extremely popular, receiving hundreds of thousands of hits per day, which makes Shawn a wealthy individual. Therefore Shawn is fighting the bully’s in hopes that it goes to trial and he’s already refused 2 counts of settlement. In addition, Shawn has been offered support from a number of lawyers and investors looking to further his cause and refusal to settle on principle.

The MPAA has finally picked on the wrong individual, someone that already has a captivated audience and the financial means to fight. I’d suggest anyone to follow what Shawn Hogan has to say in the case on his blog. Check out all of his MPAA related posts here. View the hundreds of comments to see how much support he’s receiving…simply amazing.

RIAA Needs more Evidence

It’s been talked about underneath the breath of many p2p users, so much in fact that most have convinced themselves this is an easy out. However, no one to date has had the money to fight a case against the RIAA’s blanket lawsuits.

For the latest defendant against the RIAA, Paul Wilkes, the concept is simple because the RIAA does not have evidence to launch a case. Paul is arguing that an IP address is not enough to link an individual to copyright infringement. Past cases have succeeded based on bullying an individual into paying a concession, rather than going to court. Paul is standing firm saying there is no case…at all.

He has filed for summary judgement in the case, which means that he believes that there is not enough evidence being presented by the RIAA for the case to even go to court formally. The court is now having to consider whether it should actually require the RIAA to have evidence beyond an IP address.

According to this could set a prescedent in the court systems and could have major negative ramifications for the recording industry. Hopefully, we’ll see a decrease in the RIAA’s relentless pursuit of pushing people around. Happy sharing!

BitComet Forums

Its interesting to know that at one point there was a relationship between BitComet, the C++ client and Not to long ago P2Pforums hosted all the help and suggestion boards for BitComet, apparently some things have changed.

Whiel visiting to see what the latest release and updates are I noticed a link to their forums. Now their support, suggestions and Lite forums are located on BitComet servers. Perhaps steamlining their support and development is the best way to go, especially considering all the issues they have had with previous releases. If they expect private communities to support their client, then listening to the users AND implementing their suggestions is required.

In addition, they have a link to a subdomain for, but the page never loads.

Active Server Pages ´íÎó ‘ASP 0113’



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Seems like somewhat of a risky move to implement a toplist into the Client site. I would hate to see Bitcomet shut down for pirating reasons and support of copyright infringement. However, no decision can be made since the site never loaded. Happy sharing until next time.

AllPeers Falls Short of Expectations

The highly anticipated AllPeers extension for FireFox has officially launched in Beta. Their website was once a hub for early beta testing signup, but now features a flash tutorial and other goodies. The most notable section of the site would be the PeerPressure blog, official AllPeers Blog.

What’s disturbing are the number of features that would have been considered basic additions to this extension, as noted by The Grayline.

Some of the more notable features that have been left out of the initial offering are,

  • interface for handling standard torrents.
  • a lite version.
  • bandwidth management.
  • community specific sharing.
  • Sony Buys Grouper in it’s infancy was a hotbed of warez swapping and a kazaa alternative to most. It’s cumbersome controls and resource intensive software ruled it out as a choice to hardcore p2p enthusiasts. However, because of it’s user friendliness it seems to have caught on and is now changing it’s ways.

    Sony announced they have purchased and intend to market legal videos via this p2p video portal ring, thingy. Check it out for yourself at

    Fingerprinting P2P Warez

    Phillips, a major electronics manufacturer, has developed a method for fingerprinting warez. The fingerprinting is directly targeted toward video and not necessarily music or applications, although it appears the technology could be converted.

    By fingerprinting the certain video segments content owners could identify if/when/where the content was stolen. This process by which segments are fingerprinted is controlled by Phillips on a central server station and proprietary algo. (Surprise, surprise, surprise)

    Needless to say that this process is being backed with the “intent” to legally distribute video on p2p networks. So, this tracking is being accepted amongst the big circles…. Get the low down on video fingerprinting by Phillips.