Ozzfest is FREE

Finally, someone gets it, rather someone is doing something about it. I give Sharon Osbourne a heart felt ‘Thank You‘. This may be the first year I make it to Ozzfest. 🙂

“We’re reaching the same point we did years ago when kids no longer wanted to pay for overpriced CDs,” compares Sharon. “As a result, they found alternative ways of getting music. That’s what’s happening with summer touring in this country, it’s out-pricing itself. We started this and we want to keep it and we want to make it bigger and bigger each year by getting bigger sponsors to be involved with the festival and underwriting the festival. That’s what it’s about.”

Next, lower priced CD’s! Ok, maybe not.

ATHF Bombtastic Advertising

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Bomb Threat

If bad press is still good press, then Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s attempt at viral marketing paid off in spades. If you’ve not heard yet, the Comedy Central 15 min cartoon has come under attack for mimicking bombs and other terrorist devices. Specifically in Boston where the flashing led Mooninite was seen as a threat, closing down highways and bridges.

It seems odd that no other reports came from other major cities such as New York City, where the same advertising was taking place. Beantown officials are so quick to pull the trigger. lol

Turner Broadcasting, a division of Time Warner, Inc. and parent of Cartoon Network, said the devices were part of a promotion for the TV show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” a surreal series about a talking milkshake, a box of fries and a meatball.

“The packages in question are magnetic lights that pose no danger,” Turner said in a statement, issued a few hours after reports of the first devices came in.

I wonder what Carl thinks about this mess? Nevertheless, I hope that Boston can see me flipping them off right now, because I’m doing it as hard as I can.

My Wii

I finally received my Wii, almost 3 months after launch. The next-gen console from Nintendo was obviously going to be a success, but I didn’t think so much in my area of the country. The stores around here would get them 50-60 at a time and they would be gone within an hour of opening. bummer.

Luckily I have a friend in New York City who was nice enough to hook me up and UPS me one. Although not a system I will likely play by myself, it sure is a blast with friends. *Note majority of people playing must be intoxicated. 😉

Xbox 360 Gets Warranty Upgrade

Xbox 360 Extends WarrantyHey, for those of you who do not know, I’m an avid gamer. Currently residing underneath my 42″ LCD TV is a GameCube and Xbox 360 and soon a Nintendo Wii. In addition, I was one of the first people in my area to get a hold of an Xbox 360 when they released over a year ago.

If you remember back to November of 05 your thoughts would be filled with hopes for the next-generation system. These visions of sugar plums quickly faded once you heard the terrible feedback from the first batch. Over-heating, freezing, and other annoyances plagued the 360 and Microsoft agreed to fix the DOA appliances. However, such an expensive entertainment tool only carried a short warranty, so get it fixed while you can.

90 days was the only warranty offered by the manufacturer, Microsoft, although you could purchase extended plans from places such as Best Buy. A lot has changed in the year gone by, including the release of 2 more next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Both of these systems offer a full 1 year warranty from the manufacturer at no additional cost.

In response to the longer warranty, at no additional cost, Microsoft has announced that they will be warrant their console for a full year. In addition, this is a retro-active warranty that will effect all owners of the system. If anyone had any work performed on their system, within the 1yr of purchase, they are entitled to a refund for labor/parts from Microsoft.

Rejoice and if you have had any problems with your system contact Xbox Support.

Virus Squirt…sounds dirty.

Zune, Microsofts answer to the iPod has received a very unwelcome response over this past week. Although costing the same, $250, the Zune offers but one feature the iPod does not, Squirting. lol, what an mmmtarded name.

After perusing through some mp3 player reviews and professional opinion columns I started paying closer attention to the user commented sections. The actual users had a lot more to say than the regurgitating opinion columnists.

So why is it when there’s a pro-Apple product review the reviewer is somehow biased? Five reasons why the iPod is better than the Zune:

1. The iPod’s been around long enough to work out some of the initial kinks in the earlier iPods. Zune is first generation and will improve.

2. The scrolling wheel. Why try to “copy” it when you can’t? Zune designers should have considered a creative alternative.

3. Podcasts. I listen to more podcasts than music. Apple’s always enriching the pot of downloadables: music, video, podcasts, and now games. Zune doesn’t support podcasts.

4. Squirting? Zune’s big feature? I’m just waiting to see if the Zune becomes as big a virus target as every other Microsoft product. If so, they’ve built in the mechanism for disaster in the very first model. How long before people are (unknowingly) “squirting” Zune viruses at each other?

5. A song on iTunes is 99 cents. There’s no “Apple Bucks” or “iTunes Points.” No initial sum required. iTunes works on Macs and PCs. It’s simple and easy. Yet someone at Microsoft looked at that and said, “no… I’ve got a better idea.” Microsoft abhors simple logic. They built their music empire upon the name Zune…but take a look at zune.com. Did no one think to buy this domain?

Thank you so much Molly_Maine who commented on SFGate.com. That comment and many more like it can be found as you scroll down, which to me holds more weight than what the paid writers have to say.

Live from the Space Station in HD

Discovery HD Space StationEarlier this morning the Discovery HiDef Theater had a half-hour special live from Space Station. The first HD live broadcast from space and I was left needing more and wondering why they only made if a half hour long. Nevertheless, the broadcast was full of neat visuals inside the station, and orange juice bubbles are always fun.

What was truly upsetting was the lack of exterior shots or views of Earth from space. It’s neat to see how the astronauts work out and their lab, but what about seeing the Earth…from SPACE!!!111 There was obvious lag, which is expected, but somebody slap the naut and tell him to point the camera out the window . For some reason in the half hour live episode we only saw 2 seconds of actual space footage.

The brief moment we were rewarded with a shot of the earth from the tiny space station windows we were subjected to the announcers dumb ass comments. Apparently Africa looks like ocean from space, in HD, if your high! Oh well, no one is perfect and things like that are expected live. All in all, I hope there is more to come and perhaps at a better in a better time frame, luckily I’ve got a dual tuner DVR. 😉

Gears of War takes time from…

Gears of War, the latest 360 exclusive release is taking up way too much time from my other daily activities. Below is a brief list of what I’d be doing had GOW not been released.

  • Enjoy a full 6 hours of sleep at night.
  • Play Halo 2.
  • Beating the newest member of the family.
  • Practice making babies.
  • Work on my 92 Mustang LX.
  • Rake the endless amount of leaves in my yard.
  • Clean my office.
  • Finally get around to picking up the stale socks in the corner.
  • Go buy more beer cause I’ve been out for 2 days. eeeek!?

Gears of War

Push up Your Nerd Glasses

Admittedly I’m a sucker for a good video game, especially when that game rhymes with ‘Halo’. I am a long term Halo CE player and on again/off again Halo 2 player. Like so many other fanboys I’m looking forward to Halo 3 and just as importantly, Halo the movie.

If you weren’t aware of it the Halo movie is being produced by Peter Jackson, director for Lord of the Rings and King Kong. The most successful game franchise smushed with a successful director and backed by Microsoft…what could go wrong? A lot.

Already the movie studios have pulled out due to high production costs, at least being over the initial $125 million budget. No worries, Jackson and MS said that they would take things forward and pick up where the movie studios left off, this movie was going to be made, but this was 2 weeks back. It looks like the fate of the Halo movie is in limbo and it’s definitely on hold, for now.

Halo on Hold References