I Type Over 100 Words Per Minute

I always figured by the stares of other office workers that I typed some what speedy, but apparently I can consistently break the 100 words per minute.

108 words


The free typing test above ranked me at #2535 over all with 108 correct words and 0 mistakes.  Not too shabby considering there have been over 563,158 tests taken.

Where do you stand?

DRM Is Like…

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is being tossed onto PC games left and right despite a huge back lash on the interwebs.  So, how can I describe what DRM is to the common person?  Below is a list of what I would compare DRM to.

DRM is like…

  • building a house on your own property, but having to call the supplier of the lumber for permission to walk in at the end of the day.
  • buying a car but needing permission from the dealer before you let your friend drive it.
  • not being able to sell junk on ebay.
  • not getting a good review on Amazon.com
  • looking at an attractive young woman only to find out she had a sex change at 12.
  • having Chris Hanson tell you to have a seat over there.
  • being rick rolled while looking for porn.

and lastly

  • legally purchasing a product to support the industry and manufacturer only to be treated like a criminal.

I know there are others,  but these were on my mind when I woke up this morning.  Please feel free to add your own below.

WoWMatrix and Me

If you are reading this, then you should know that a lot of my free time is spent with World of Warcraft. Furthermore, a lot of my not free time is spent with WoW as well, but it’s not as easy to admit that. There is rarely a time where I feel I should mention playing WoW with non-WoW playing friends, but this post is one such time a product deserves to be recognized.

As you know Add-Ons are a necessary evil amongst the WoW community and can both be a pleasure to find and install or contain key loggers and malicious software. A new 3rd party program has been invented called WoWMatrix, which completely alleviates any worry of downloading corrupt add-ons or unwanted virii. It’s worth mentioning to those who may not be familiar with WoW because it’s just that good of software. For those who do play WoW, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD WOWMATRIX.

nuff said.
[phpbay]warcraft, 3, “1249”, “”[/phpbay]

January 30th, 07 Vista Day

Looks like the long awaited retail release of Windows Vista will be the end of January of 07. The OS, which took about 5 years to create, is supposedly going to be “rock solid”. Please excuse me if I’m a bit skeptical.

Too help keep sales moving for big name computer developers like Dell/Gateway, Windows offers a free or discounted upgrade cost for any computers bought between now and January 30th. Toward the last few days of January all new computers will be preloaded with the Vista OS. Lucky us, I guess it’s gonna be time to upgrade…again.

For many P2P users the Vista or LongHorn edition of the Windows OS has been readily available. For the past year or more different versions of the OS have been available on bittorrent, newsgroups, etc… Third party applications have been somewhat slow to support the OS, but now that we have an official launch hopefully developers will get a move on.

Update Your Cracked OS

Auto PatcherUsing pirated copies of any OS is not recommended/suggested/or implied by Nailsblog.com, but if you do and you want to update it, then this is a great way to do it. In addition, if you are looking for a more comprehensive way to update your Windows OS than ‘AutoUpdate’, then you have to check out AutoPatcher.

AutoPatcher pitches itself as an answer to continuous installations, updates, and countless individual patch installations. Their download consists of patches, add ons, and registry tweaks compiled from the latest official Microsoft Windows updates. Furthermore, for noobs(like myself), you are provided with a list of patches/addons/tweaks etc, from which you make your selections. After you hit install, the rest is completely automated and typically only requires the obligatory hard restart.

If during your updating/tweaking you need any support, AutoPatcher’s official forums can be found at Neowin. Neowin is a computer geeks paradise that focuses on the latest net, software, and gaming news.

Streaming Media Center to 360

I’ve completed my installation and configuration of my XP MCE 2005 OS and communicated with the 360 in my living room. The process was very simple, once I got MCE to install properly…damn usenet kiddies. 😉 However, my install is through a wireless home network, so I hope to see how the quality is to stream HD.

I’ve already tested a few small clips from the Matrix 1080i and experienced some pretty harsh particle effects. I’m hoping by tweaking my wireless connection and making sure my PC is running at open resources I can achieve a fairly close to perfect HD experience. In that vein, I’ve subscribed to a new newsgroup, alt.binaries.hdtv. 😉

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns about my project please feel free to leave a comment.


Anyone miss me the past few days? Probably not, nevertheless I believe my disappearance requires some sort of explanation. Well, I decided to install Windows XP Media Center and things did not go quite the way I had planned.

To make a long story short 2 downloads and 3 installs later I was finally able to get a working install of MCE 2005. So, naturally I started with a clean slate that required a little bit of tweaking to get my wireless network up and humming. However, it looks like things are leveling out now and all I need to do is get some basic software reinstalled(Like Newsleecher ;)).

Usually I’ll do a reformat about every 6 months, just to start over and possibly get stuff I hadn’t noticed before. It’s really an educational and eye opening process, since it forces you to see what else is out there that you may have missed first time around. For example, the last reformat allowed me to find a replacement for WMP in regards to a music organizer and player, JetAudio is highly recommended.

For now, I’m off to scower Usenet and the torrent scene to get my much needed fix on apps. I’ll catch everybody up with what I’ve found shortly.

Ubuntu or not to Ubuntu, Pt 2

This post is in regards to me installing the Linux distro Ubuntu on my primary PC, as referenced first here. Thankfully I have not thrown my monitor out the window yet, however I have not completed the installation. As recommended, I am trying the Live CD before going for a full install.

The Ubuntu Live CD(64bit Version) runs fantastic except for one major flaw, which prohibits me from going full installation. It will not recognize my wireless card! Let me correct myself, it sees it, but it won’t use it. According to the forums and onboard help I must hold my tounge a certain way, walk backwards across broken beer bottles, and click the forward mouse button to get the wireless card to work.

Ubuntu is getting 1 more week worth of evaluation. If by the end of this week I cannot get the wireless card recognized, it will be no more Linux…ever.

Ubuntu or Not to Ubuntu

That would be the question, if I hadn’t already begun the format of my other PC. That’s right, we are past the point of no return…again. It would seem I can’t learn my lesson when it comes to installing linux distrobutions.

Every geek I talk to seems to recommend a specific distro that I will be happy using. The problem is that I’m a happy life long windows user, even old school v3.1. What makes things even more difficult is that I’ve never had any serious problems with windows, only ones that people have to point out to me…ie lack of support. By lack of support I mean Microsoft won’t update my pirated version of Windows XP Professional(Yes I’ve already done the workarounds…this is only an example. 😉 ).

I’m a tweaker, which means I enjoy messing around with old programs, settings on my computer, and most times causing irepairable damage. Well, my hard drive was getting full…of crap…so today I started reformating and currently I’m installing a fres new distro of Ubuntu. We’ll see if this distro lives up to it’s name, or burns in hell with the rest of the linux crap I’ve tried running.

Keep in mind, my idea of crap, is something that’s different to what I’m used to. 🙂 I won’t lie, but hell, at least I’m giving it another shot.

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