‘Smoking Keyboard’ TPB Blog

Found out that Mikael Viborg of The Pirate Bay setup a blog to chronicle the alleged raids that happened a few weeks ago. After reading through his entries it’s still hard to tell what is fact or what is fiction. Or more importantly what’s exaggerated.

The comment that I took away from the entire blog was his reference to the ‘smoking keyboard’. This was citing the fact that officers raided his home, not just the hosting grounds, and confiscated all the electronic equipment in his home. Mikael also noted the value his microphone must have in an investigation dealing with copyright infringement.

Anyone down for Blogging

Blogging has been a fad for too many years now, so what is it? Is it a virus, is it useful, or is it just another way to force people to listen to what you have to say? It really doesn’t matter, but something that every new blogger runs into is finding people to actually visit their blog. That’s right, I’m talking traffic and lots of it.

If you need help finding traffic, then I suggest checking out BlogMad. Through BlogMad you simply view other peoples blogs and as such you earn a credit. For every credit you have you can use it to ‘buy’ views to your blog. Neat concept and fun to do, I found some friends on that network and some enemies. Nevertheless, it’s worth a peak if you haven’t already.