Bummer Summer

My internet marketing and sales took off for the first time, in it’s existence this past fall and peaked just after the first of the year. The bummer is that since it turned hot, my traffic has decided to take nose dive into a cool swimming pool. What’s the answer?

I’ve learned that a diverse portfolio does no good, unless you plan for the dog days. Knowing trends is beneficial in keeping a steady income, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best each month. This uneasy income flow has caused me to create a few goals for myself.

1.) Don’t play so much during the summer time, I still have to work, no matter how nice outside it gets.

2.) I know kids are outside playing, because it is nice, so my MySpace targeted sites are gonna drop. Likewise for my gaming blogs, I’ll need to add MORE content to keep their attention and gear content towards a summer time theme.

3.) Plan accordingly, I should have a summer time themed website and/or network of sites. Who cares how full my plate is, I want consistency dagnabbit(1 word or 2?).

4.) Buy new window blinds.

5.) Sell any one of my sites to Google and retire at the ripe old age of 25.

Playing along…

I’m usually the person to break a forward and have everlasting bad luck for the rest of my life, but this time I’m gonna play. Yesterday I received note that I had been blog-tagged(not to be confused with bag-tagged) and I needed to post 5 things about myself others might not know.

Thanks for the tag Mrs. Bailey. 🙂

1. I quit smoking 1 week after getting married. Still clean, which others thought I couldn’t do and I’m on month 4 at this point.

2. I’d rather drink my mothers warm urine from a rusty bucket than play a board game.

3. I think racial profiling is a good thing.

4. My house received some damage a few months ago due to flooding. My house is not in a flood plane and the city I live in has already received over 20″ above normal rainfall. No flood insurance. 🙁

5. Although tentative, my 5 year goal is to earn enough from Adsense and Affiliate Sales that I will not have to work for someone else, ever again. I set this goal 4 months ago and it looks like it will be sooner than 5 years. 😉

I’m willing to bet these people will not follow suit, mainly because I’m too lazy to PM all of them like Cricket did, but maybe they will see me in their stats. Just maybe.

Ok, now I need to tag a few peeps to keep this viral seobs rollin:  Cass Knits, irregular, bullet proof, webpuffs, wonova

Theme Modification

It seems I’m still trying to find a theme that fits my blogging style and mood. Today, I think I may have found it, after a little bit of modification this one just might stick. The theme being used is ChaoticSoul by Bryan Veloso and the basic installation does not fulfill my SEO needs, so bring out the tools.

I’ll briefly highlight some of the minor changes I’ve made thus far. First and foremost I need to have my blogs name at the top and NOT ChaoticSoul. Afterward, it’s important to me to have some distinction between my theme and the thousands of others being used in standard form. I’ve compiled a few images that embody everything I’m about on the net and used them as my left/right images in the header, I think the end product is nice.

Search engines give my blog intermittent love and usually sends visitors to a single page, possibly months back in the archives. This is great, however with that single_post template they have no idea what my blog is about. By installaing FuzzyPosts and placing a latest_posts.php in my singlepage template visitors can now see my last 10 posts in the sidebar.

What bothers me is that this theme does not include a blogroll standard, it must be added to your sidebar. You can get your blog roll up and running again by placing the code ?php get_links_list(); ?> anywhere in the ChaoticSoul sidebar where you want your links to show up.

For now, that’s about as far as I’ve made it, although I’m far from being finished. Throughout the day I’ll be modifying my AdsenseDeluxe so that my ads blend with the template. Hope others enjoy this template as much as I do.

Losing Readers

Man, I just don’t know how I’m going to pay the electric bill this month. Nor do I know how much longer I’m going to even have a presence on the internet, especially considering all the readers I’ve lost do to my PayPerPost involvement.

I’m sure the 10’s of thousands of readers I’m losing to ignorance will eventually ruin me. Personally, this is the first hate link I’ve ever received…freakin sweet, more backlinks. 🙂

ShortStat Error

A few days ago I started receiving error messages within my WordPress ShortStat reporting. Where it was supposed to be reporting on my latest referrers and keywords instead of was being shown mySQL errors. Database errors intimidate me…I won’t lie, so I contacted my hosting provider.

Lucky for me, it was an obvious fix and was handled immediately after contacting Serverplace.net. Apparently there were temporary files that needed to be purged from my server before new stats could be ‘recorded’. Of course this is the simple answer, but was enough to make me happy and see where my commentors are coming from. 😉

PayPerPost.com Forums are Live

Although I am probably less forgiving than I should be, how come it took them so long to create forums? In addition to taking an extended amount of time to install the simple phpBB script, it’s also naked. You’d think an upstanding company such as PPP would invest in skinning their forum…or perhaps this can be another opportunity!

If I were to be setting on the board of directors at PPP, I’d consider offering a large sum of cash to the individual that created a skin for their forums. I say this, knowing that I have trouble with MSPaint, so I’m out of the running, but it would be interesting to see.

Instead of classifying the contest as an opportunity, it could be exactly that…a contest. If they placed enough money on the line they would earn all kinds of interesting backlinks from blogs and other webdeveloper sites, seems to be a win/win. However, this is just my opinion, that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee….at my house.

New Theme

To be honest, I was feeling a little suffocated within the boundaries of the last theme that I used. The full percentage layout just did not fit my writing style, ie short. It seemed like I had to write an entire 2 pages before it looked right on the screen and that’s not what I’m all about. 🙂

Hopefully you will enjoy this layout and find it easier on the eyes and easier to follow. Thanks to GFXedit.com for the theme and I hope this one sticks for a little longer. No complaining, at least I’m still updating.


Finding noteworthy blogs can be a daunting task, often times great blogs wither and die because of no traffic. This simple concept is the reason I started Rated-NC17.

NC17 will be managed with the sole purpose to hunt out lesser known blogs or sites that I find interesting or of value. Just because your site gets listed on NC17, does not mean it’s not popular. If it gets listed it just means your not an A-Lister. 😉 But who wants to be one of those anyways.

Technorati can keep their high rollers, John Scott had the right idea, lets start showing some link love. ….and don’t wear a link condom.

Read your Akismet

Akismet for WordPress is an absolutely beautiful thing that keeps your posts clean of spam comments. However, it is a double sided sword that can keep quality comments out as well. I have experienced this first hand on a friends blog.

I have never left spam of any sorts in my life, however my IP was login and IP was flagged as such by the Akismet system. Apparently, I’m not the only one that has experienced this either, a quick search will yield others that have had the same problem. Therefore, all blog owners, manage your Akismet que, you might find some useful things in there. 😉

TorrentFreak Added to Roll

Just happened upon a new blog tonight while doing the dead-man surf, which is the zombie like state I’m in before going to bed. The blog in question is TorrentFreak and has been added to my blogroll for my visitors to consume.

While perusing my favorite tags over at Technorati I found the article How The PirateBay Raid Changed Sweden and it caught me off guard. Mainly because the effects of p2p stretch much further than our wallets, social networking online, and our struggle with archaic(sp?) law.

Thanks for the recap TorrentFreak.