Bad Behavior Blocking PayPal Callback

PayPal IPs were being blocked by the Bad Behavior WordPress plugin, this article will discuss what I did to combat the problem.

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I’ve been struggling with registration spam on one of my retail websites.  Currently it’s running a shop based on WordPress, so I have access to a plethora of plugins to assist with this issue.  I had been using Stop Spammer Registrations, along with re-Captcha, which only worked for so long.  Somehow the spammers just keep getting through, so I took the next step to fortify with Bad Behavior.

Bad Behavior is a WordPress plugin that helps stop spammers before they even access your site.  To assist the plugin, it makes a call out to the http:BL API, which is available for free.  Once you get the API setup, simply copying it into the plugin is the extent of the setup for normal operation.  However, I ran into an issue with getting my transactions confirmed, because I believe it is blocking the callback IP from PayPal.

So, I had to add all of PayPal’s callback IPs to make sure they are getting through and not inadvertently interrupting purchases.  Thankfully Bad Behavior has a very easy to use White List option where you can copy over as many IPs as necessary.

List of IPs used by PayPal. –

I’m closely monitoring purchases and making sure the callbacks are working properly.  As of now the combination of spam blocking Word Press plugins are keeping about 75% of the spam out.  Unfortunately I’m still looking into options for me to do locally to help combat the massive amount of registrations now found in my WordPress user database.

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  1. I’ve had similar problem, and this article has helped me so much. I now trying to install the plugins and see if it works good for websites. This is really a good idea, blocking the callback IP from paypal. False registrations are somewhat troublesome.

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