Setting Up New Theme

Well, I feel as though I’m far behind in the social networking scene.  My blog is officially the fat kid in dodge ball, nobody wants him on their team…or facebook, or twitter, or myspace.  Are people still using myspace?  At any rate, it’s time that Nails Blog V2.0 goes through a change, starting with it’s theme, which I went ahead and activated tonight.

Throughout the weekend I will be updating thumbnail images, making pretty, and making functional.  Right now my Twitter and RSS feeds are setup, but it will probably be tomorrow night before I get the Facebook account rolling, although I will most likely just delete the MySpace link.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the increase in postings?  I promised a few weeks ago that efforts would be made to update the world on my progress through affiliate marketing.  Also updates on what products I’m using, not using, and have folded since I’ve spent money.  Thankfully the latter are few and far between and we all should have seen the name BANS coming at us.  Hello!?

At any rate, yes I’m aware some functionality of the site is down.  All the structure is here, reading articles is fine, so don’t get your nuts twisted and things will be better than normal soon.

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