Fix: Newsleecher Super Search Not Working

Recently my Newsleecher Super Search function stopped working.  The program would load fine, download articles, and subscribe to newsgroups just fine, but the Super Search would hang when the search button was pressed.  After some fiddling around in the settings, cursing, and eventually walking away I figured out the issue.

About the time my Super Search stopped working I installed a new antivirus program.  As it turns out Avast On Access protection will block the incoming results from the Newsleecher Super Search site.  Therefore while OnAccess was running, I could not get search results.

Easy fix, just turn off Avast OnAccess Protection while you are using Newsleecher and problem solved!

Newsleecher is software that enables the archiving, subscribing, and downloading of articles from newsgroups.  It requires a yearly subscription for access to the Super Search function.  Also, actual access to the downloading of articles from Usenet is required for Newsleecer to function.  For more information and support for Newsleecher please visit their forums.

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