EPN Ban Hammer

Looks like the eBay Publisher Network is again issuing mass bannings for it’s affiliates.  This, like their previous BAN happy endeavors are targeting those who claim innocense on a mass scale.  These bans are targeting those who were tied to another account that was previously banned.  But again, users are claiming no affiliation with pass accounts that were banned through CJ, PJN, or on EPN.

Here is the message received by a number of EPN affiliates:

“we found that your account is related to a previous banned account”

There is already a thread started at DP about the mass bannings.  Furthermore there is a thread on the official EPN boards where little to no information is being shared from EPN.  Will checks in with his copy’n paste response that basically helps nobody.  Sad state of affairs, looks like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Another eye opener to make sure all your eggs are not in one basket.  I fell victim to the EPN Bans awhile back and have since then been trying to develop other affiliate income streams.  It’s difficult, because I’ve been using Build A Niche Store to help build sites, obviously targeting eBay.  It’s a long process, costly one, but it will be worth it to diversify, because it doesn’t look like anyone is safe with EPN.

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