Another Piwik Update

It seems like to me Piwik has been updating a lot more frequently, which admittedly only causes minor frustration.  The latest version is 0.2.34 and includes only one fix, but a pretty big one.  Apparently there was an error with the Piwik cache generating files that did not count all visitors.  That’s kind of important to a stat tracking script. 😉

Piwik Piwik 0.2.34April 14, 2009

– FIXED #648 Generating cache files fails resulting in no visits recorded for a few users, due to wrong order in includes in piwik.php

The new download is available on or if you are using at least version 0.2.31 you can upgrade automatically via your Piwik dashboard.  I’ve updated and upgraded my database using this method in the past, with no issues.

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