Is Blu-Ray For Me?

Bah, I just can’t decide, rather I just can’t justify spending over $250 on a decent Blu-Ray player when my TV is already 4 years old.  Yes, it’s high definition, but until I step up to a brand new LCD, at least 46″ and a surround sound system, I can’t justify the purchase.  This becomes an increasingly difficult decision as well when I figure that I can stream HD movies from my cable provider for less than $7.

If my wife wasn’t such a movie nut I might just buy a PC Blu-Ray player for under $100.  However, my wife would probably kill me, because it would force her to watch her Disney Blu-Ray purchases on a 19″ monitor at my PC desk.  Perhaps I’ll hold off a little bit longer and purchase a PS3 here in the next few months.  Maybe they will have an emergency drop in price mid summer. 🙂

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