Smoking Smarties, Growing Maggots

Smoking smarties is a supposed trend developing among the youth in 2009.  Smoking Smarties is what happens when you grind up the Smarties candy while in the wrapper, then opening up both ends, and inhaling the dust.  Often the practice of smoking Smarties includes exhaling through the nose.  God, I can’t even imagine how that would feel.

Now for the really scary part about snorting Smarties.  Apparently it’s possible to grow maggots in your nose by smoking Smarties.  The sugar residue left in the nasal cavities can reportedly sustain the life of maggots, which they feed on the sugar.

Christ, nasty, kids go steal some cigarettes from your mom’s purse already.

Smoking Smarties
Smoking Smarties

Update* 3/24/09

Apparently I had underestimated the stupidity of our youth, it’s real.  Kids are crushing up Smarties candies and pretending to smoke with the candy dust.  Take that Joe Camel.  Below is a video that was aired on the news of a black kid smoking smarties and blowing it out his nose.

Even worse, kids are going to Yahoo Answers to answer health related issues with inhaling the candy dust.  Basically teh general consensus is you should be smoking cigarettes at this point, rather than inhaling the sugar, preservaties, and god knows what else in those tasty little candies.

Heh, when I was their age I popped them claiming they were power pills, but not smoking them.  What’s next, a how-to snort smarties candies off a mirror.  Just keep looking cool!

7 thoughts on “Smoking Smarties, Growing Maggots”

  1. It’s not a big deal! Wow It’s candy but i have to admit they are wanabies smokinq real stuff is better cause you can get hiqhh!

  2. Hahaha well if this is what the kids want then let them be ahaha wow if they want to be cool they could go drink the dealcoholized beer and wine at WalMart or take a few tabs of gravol.

  3. I knew some pretty moronic people in highschool which for me was just 5 years ago! BUT NEVER had I heard of smoking smarties? I heard of duct tape, orange peels,etc. All dumb but nothing like CANDY!?

  4. We have little ones and I can’t believe this is the insanity we can look forward to. Smoking smarties is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. It sounds absolutely disgusting and I can’t imagine what they could get out of it. The idea that is can also cause maggots in your nose is totally gross. This is the first time I ever heard of kids doing this, ugh.

  5. I think we should consider that they are kids. They are playing and have fun instead of doing something. It’s part of a kid’s life to play and explore. It’s not a big deal for me!

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