Ramping Up Adwords Campaign

I think I’ve finally worked out some kinks in my latest Adwords campaign and it’s got an ROI that I wouldn’t sneeze at.  So, for the next month I plan on doubling my campaign spending limit every day until I reach the ceiling.  If the ROI remains, why not shoot for the moon.

What’s great about Adwords is that if you notice your website not converting, something weird going on with your affiliate program, or whatever, it’s simple to sign in and pause a campaign.  Likewise it’s easy to resume the previous campaign and start off right where you left off.  Hopefully that means running a tighter ship and losing less campaign funds if you have a down server or a down affiliate program.

The only downside as of right now, is that I’m losing focus on other projects.  As the budget gets bigger I’m going to be keeping a closer eye on my server response and conversions every 24 hours.  However, I don’t feel that this work is in vain and it will eventually allow me to find a ceiling, level out, and set this bitch on cruise control.

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