Don’t Be Afraid

I decided to write a quick post on not being afraid to take chances, make contacts, or try something new.  Within the past few months I scored 2 PR6 links to one of my sites, with nothing more than a short simple email.  But more on that later.

What’s keeping your site from suceeding?  You’ve done the leg work, you’ve followed the directions, it’s shake and bake damn’t and you helped.  Why aren’t you seeing results?  It’s because you are afraid.

Fear keeps us from truly branching out, searching and discovering that new angle.  It’s the constant barrage of negativity found on forums, blogs, and even the local newspaper that beats us into thinking that there is only one way to make a dollar.  I have news for you, until you break free from this grip of fear, the money will not flow.  It takes creativity that everyone has the capability of producing, if they can shed the fear.

I’m not talking about just spending money on campaigns, although it helps, I’m talking about dropping that email to the person you think won’t give you the time of day.  Shed insight into other peoples lives, even if you think they dont’ want it.  And damn’t quit listening to guru’s because they are all selling you shit that will keep you on the lower rung of the affiliate game.

This leads me into how I scored 2 PR6 links recently, all because I broke out and dropped a couple emails.  I sponsored a great wordpress theme awhile back and it spread really really well.  Simple, sweet, only my distributed by link in the footer, tha’ts it.  Well, a few PR3 – 4 websites started using it.  I tracked it, watched a handful, and noticed that specifically 2 sites dropped my link from the footer.  Not angry, just disappointed.

So I drop an email to the owners, or operators, or whatever asking for them to place add the link back.  Obviously stating that I had invested in the design and some credit somewhere would be appreciated.  Guess what, both returned their links to the footer and during the last update changed to PR6.  Bing bam score!

I could have let it slide, people still themes and my work all the time.  But I break out of the fear of rejection regularly and corner a few, get in their face, and demand success.  It may only be a small percentage of time that I actually get a positive reaction or any action, but it’s enough to put me in the black and finally drop down to a single income household.  Find that fear that’s holding you back and beat its ass.

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