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The Pepperjam Network is now offering inline text adds, which will display popup ebay results for keywords.  This new service is currently in beta, but offers enough configuration to get started and apply to almost any website.  Currently I’m testing out the PJN text link conversions on one of my automotive blogs, where traditional advertising is not quite cutting it.

The Pepper Jam in-text ads are very similar to what Kontera and intelliText are currently doing.  After setting a few variables, advertisers are given a snippet of Java code to add to their web pages.  From there Pepper Jam does the rest, picking out it’s own keywords and adding links.  When a visitor hovers over these in text ads a popup will show a corresponding eBay item, along with similar search results.

There are also ways to configure the beta PepperJam In-Text Ads, basically to keep unwanted keywords from being turned into in-text ads.  PJN offers the creation of a White List, Black List, and Auto Generation configuration.  The White List is used to select only the keywords you want to be converted ot in-text advertising, while the Black List will keep certain keywords from ever being turned into advertisements.  I have been using the Auto Generation method that selects any keywords eBay and PJN seem fit to convert into in-text advertising.

PJN inText ads can also be limited to how many a visitor will see per page.  The default is 50, but I quickly lowered this number to 10 and introduce the Java script to a limited number of pages, not just in my blogs template.  Personally, I see these types of ads as a turn off, but if used conservatively I think will help revenue conversion on low performing pages.

PepperJam Network explanation of PJN inText Ads:

You may be asking what is Pepperjam InText Ads? In short, With Peppejam InText Ads, the advertiser’s brand is linked to a relevant keyword appearing in the online content which is matched to the advertiser’s ad. In the case of Pepperjam InText Ads rolling over a “hot” hyperlinked keyword results in a product advertisement from eBay being shown. See an example below:

To start using PJN inText ads simply log into your PJN account and select the Generate Links drop down tab.  At the bottom of the list you will see the option for inText ads, which will take you to the setup phase.  All of your options are on one page and the Java code is automatically generated to be copy-pasted into the pages you choose.

This single post is using the new beta Pepperjam Network inText ads.

4 thoughts on “PepperJam In-Text Ads”

  1. It makes sense to use the ebay network since it has such a large variety of products. Unfortunately, I think that means a lot of people aren’t going to be able to test out this great feature just yet, since ebay revoked participation on what seems like a large number of people online.

    I know I had joined the ebay pjn in hopes of switching my BANs sites to using PJN for better tracking capabilities. They approved me, and then before I could even get my BANs switched over, they revoked me. I’ve read a lot of similar stories from others as well.

    I look to forward to seeing more things to come with the new inlinks program and hopefully getting a chance to use it on some of my blogs in the future.

  2. Hi Loretta.

    I’d for sure like to see the PJN inText links used on another program, which could possibly be implemented on any program offering an RSS feed. Furthermore, it could be developed into a platform that only linked keywords with coupons, daily deals, whatever.

    Hopefully PJN will see fit to extend this past eBay. Maybe like their PepperJam Store, you could create an inventory of items that the keywords would pull from.

    Just some idears.

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