DRM Is Like…

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is being tossed onto PC games left and right despite a huge back lash on the interwebs.  So, how can I describe what DRM is to the common person?  Below is a list of what I would compare DRM to.

DRM is like…

  • building a house on your own property, but having to call the supplier of the lumber for permission to walk in at the end of the day.
  • buying a car but needing permission from the dealer before you let your friend drive it.
  • not being able to sell junk on ebay.
  • not getting a good review on Amazon.com
  • looking at an attractive young woman only to find out she had a sex change at 12.
  • having Chris Hanson tell you to have a seat over there.
  • being rick rolled while looking for porn.

and lastly

  • legally purchasing a product to support the industry and manufacturer only to be treated like a criminal.

I know there are others,  but these were on my mind when I woke up this morning.  Please feel free to add your own below.

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