Streaming P2P, BitTorrent Killer?

I’ve picked up an article from discussing P2P-Next which is attempting to create a new p2p delivery platform.  This new platform is reportedly capable fo streaming content using p2p, which must be one heck of a project considering all the factors involved.  Anyone familiar with the p2p king BitTorrent knows how different any content can be when trying to isolate ‘parts’ from different hosts.  Different upload speeds alone can make or break certain torrents or content depending on how you look at it.

According to Afterdawn they are also offering an open beta to test and get reports on the new technology.  Personally I wouldn’t touch the new software with a ten foot pole, because you know every Tom, Dick, and something AA will have their hands in it as well.  I’m thinking only the Lord knows what kind of vulnerabilities streaming p2p contains and I’m not willing to find out.

Last I checked it looked like NewsGroups were making a come back, which I currently use for my Linux Distro downloads.  Perhaps a new generation of bittorrent is needed to put a little more spring in the step of the pirates and cut down the AA’s another notch.

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