phpBay Helps With Long Tail Keywords

It’s taken a little while, but I’m starting to see some side benefits from running phpBay on my blogs.  Of course being a good SEO boy I try to target keywords within certain posts, unfortunately there are always the less popular that you never hit.  These long tail keywords are either not worth the time to research or are simply missed in the grand scheme.  Thanks to phpBay I’ve been able to get in on the search traffic from these less than popular keywords and bring an additional level of traffic.

For example, I may be writing a post about a 2010 Ford Mustang and obviously focus on that search keyword.  Once I enter in my phpBay code I can then set low priced items that have to do with Mustangs, in this case key chains, which will be displayed with their listing title off of eBay.  Thanks to these, often times key word stuffed, titles I’m now bringing in some side traffic to those specific posts, where a visitor is likely to click.

So you see the value of phpBay out weighs it’s initial affiliate value and can do it’s own part to bring in traffic without any additional work.  Free ever changing content, on each individual blog post, Google loves it and now so am I.

One thought on “phpBay Helps With Long Tail Keywords”

  1. Hey Chris, how’s it going? I havn’t staretd with PHPeBay yet, but I am experiementing with “poor man’s bans” and have had…zero sales!

    I’m still doing well with BANS though, and since it’s proven it’s worht, I’m going to continue setting up stores.

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