Finding The Holy Grail of Adwords

I’ve been involved in the online marketing game for a little more than 2 years and in those 2 years I’ve improved exponentially almost daily.  It amazes me at just how much free and valuable information is available, if you can spare the time to educate yourself.  But don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, taking valuable information and applying that same knowledge is two different things and that is often where the breakdown happens.  I myself have just recently been able to break the Google Adwords conundrum, after playing around with it for almost 1 year.

Time in the past could have been better applied to perfecting the balance between on-site optimization and attention to page quality score.  Just now, in the past 2 months I’m realizing the benefit of optimizing my page score and finding the right balance to get my bid on keywords to an all time low.  This my friends is how it’s done, this is how people are becoming profitable, and this is how you turn a costly investment into a comfortable daily expense.  In a matter of months I’ve been able to turn keywords I would normally pay $.36-.45 per click for, into $.06 per click opportunities. Apparently my optimization in regards to getting cookie credit was not the problem…it was the cost of getting those visitors to my site.

In the grand scheme of Pay Per Click advertising I’m still a little fish, but what I’ve learned these past few months is opening up more doors than ever.  Furthermore, it’s knowledge that is freely available IF you teach yourself how to apply it.  Thankfully I have some capital built up in my business, so trial and error while costly, did not break me.  Perhaps that is the key, not going upside down in the quest for lower paying keywords.

Could I tell you exactly how to do this for your site and niche? No. I’m not being elitist when I say this? No, because there are so many factors, that no one could possibly write out a step by step scenario to answer your woes.  No one is feeding you bull when they tell you to study your niche, focus on lower competition keywords, and start optimizing your site.  It works, but it takes time and dedication to be done right and consistently.  The payoffs for when you do find the right combination however is enormous and nothing hardly a thing feels better than watching that affiliate revenue rack up throughout the month.

Let this be my motivational post for the month.  Good luck.

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  1. Good article and you are absolutely correct. You have to be constantly looking for ways to maximize your exposure and get the most for your money. Stretching your dollars spent is exponential and continues the promotional wheel for you site.
    Good article.

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