Why Nails Blog?

I’ve used the online alias nails in some manner since the first time I laid hands on a keyboard.  ‘Nails’ made reference to my favorite band, Nine Inch Nails.  Literally, I’ve been a fan since the early 90’s and was won over by Pretty Hate Machine and later truly devoted to the NIN following with Downward Spiral. Hence, my love affair with the nails name and now my persona ‘cldnails’ continues on.

This week maybe more than ever I’m proud to bear the nails moniker.

On Monday Nine Inch Nails released their 2nd album in the past 3 months, The Slip.  Trent Reznor has managed to completely shake up the record industry with his previous release of Ghosts, which he marketed versions of as cheap as $5.  Because of Ghosts success and Reznor’s love of his fans, he released The Slip completely free and bearing a Creative Commons License.  Free of a record label he’s been able to connect with fans at a closer level than any other artist in recent history.

No DRM, high quality downloads, options for quality of download, and extras like art was included in NIN’s past 2 releases online.  Everywhere you look people who were not even formally NIN fans are starting realize the value of such an endeavor and supporting the cause.

For those interested in downloading and supporting Nine Inch Nails, head over to NIN.com to get your utterly free, DRM Free, and high quality copy of The Slip.

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