Double Twist Media Sharing

Well, I’m still waiting on the failed attempt of a legitimate music sharing service called Qtrax, so now my attention has been directed to DoubleTwist. The bad boy who broke traditional DVD encryption is back with an application that supposedly can sink up any and all media formats to easily share amongst your friends. The application touts itself as being legal, but what users may do with it is probably not.

I’ve yet to have an opportunity to actually jump into it’s features, but hope to tonight sometime. Based off of information on the Double Twist homepage it reminds me of Grouper, which failed on many levels for my file sharing requirements. Grouper has sense died and became Crackle, which pretty much makes me want to vomit.

For now, I’m cuddling up with Newsleecher and uTorrent, but hopefully Double Twist will help fill another void.

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