trendY Zelune Proxy Template

It’s a fantastic feeling to stumble upon a great script, that fits your every need, at least at that exact moment. Zelune is one such script that landed in my lap after an afternoon of Google stare.

Zelune is a proxy script that imitates PHProxy but simply has worked so much better on my new server. With a few, differences this script owns and modification could not be easier. That’s why I started dedicating some of my time to the creation of Proxy Templates. Alas, here is my first, which is a port from

trendY Preview

Live Preview


And thanks for any reviews, don’t forget to let me know if you use it.

10 thoughts on “trendY Zelune Proxy Template”

  1. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to thank you for the nice review, and wanted to congratulate you on your successful port of the free proxy template.

    With your permission, I would love to add your template to the new zelune proxy templates section at

    I will of course link to your blog as well.
    Email me at with your response.

    PS: I got a lot of emails asking to change the javascript popup frame into the phproxies html frame, so I added the option. If you would like to switch, you can find the source at

    Keep up the great blog!

  2. Hey, sounds great sburton. Please let me know if you need anything. I’m actually working on a handful of other templates for the script, so I’d be happy to drop you an email when I’m done with them…if that’s ok.

  3. Hi there yes ill be glad to add them to the site i am thinking of so much more for the site to gen more traffic as i have lots of thinks i am in to allso a top rank for and a small auction for zelune proxys may be other proxys as well.

  4. I’m working on a few more, but unfortunately they are on the back burner for now. Currently, Trendy is the only one I have available, the others someone else made.

    Thanks for the compliment and I will be releasing more, hopefully soon.

  5. The zelune proxy script is known as “the world’s fastest proxy script”, because, unlike it’s competitors, zelune uses cURL to download the files through the proxy. This allows for a better compression of the pages, ultimately making the zelune proxy script incredibly fast, while being very light on the server’s bandwidth and resources. In any proxy webmasters mind, the speed and efficiency are the main two things to look for in a proxy script, and zelune is the best on both.

  6. Operating a proxy ate up way too much of my server resources for me to consider it a usable business model. Therefore as of now templates for said script have been suspended. 😛

    Thanks for the comment though Alex.

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