Bummer Summer

My internet marketing and sales took off for the first time, in it’s existence this past fall and peaked just after the first of the year. The bummer is that since it turned hot, my traffic has decided to take nose dive into a cool swimming pool. What’s the answer?

I’ve learned that a diverse portfolio does no good, unless you plan for the dog days. Knowing trends is beneficial in keeping a steady income, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best each month. This uneasy income flow has caused me to create a few goals for myself.

1.) Don’t play so much during the summer time, I still have to work, no matter how nice outside it gets.

2.) I know kids are outside playing, because it is nice, so my MySpace targeted sites are gonna drop. Likewise for my gaming blogs, I’ll need to add MORE content to keep their attention and gear content towards a summer time theme.

3.) Plan accordingly, I should have a summer time themed website and/or network of sites. Who cares how full my plate is, I want consistency dagnabbit(1 word or 2?).

4.) Buy new window blinds.

5.) Sell any one of my sites to Google and retire at the ripe old age of 25.

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