Thursday Throwdown

It isn’t enough that I go through life living in ‘Missing Chromosome Hell’, but now I’ve got to be subjected to it on TV and the internet. I’ve decided my Throwdowns could be done more frequently and better annunciated through FecalAgitator, my new bitch blog. Nevertheless, the Thursday edition will always be a little water down and still here on my personal blog.

  • Diagonal yellow lines mean ‘No Parking’ not ‘Fat Lazy Bastard Parking’.
  • A gas station running out of coffee at 7:45 am should be punishable upon death.
  • Drinking Diet Coke with your extra value meal, large, is freakin pointless and irritating.
  • When posting in online forums, read at least the majority of the thread before putting your $.02 in. I hate reading the same 5 word response over and over.
  • Those on the receiving end of most prejudices perpetuate said prejudice.

Only observations and said only to make myself feel better. Thanks for allowing me to keep my sanity for one more week. I swear, if it gets any worse my high blood pressure will cause my eyes to bleed.

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