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I’ve been busy working again on a new template for sNews. This new template is 760px wide and exhibits all the simple necessities, except with a unique Adsense ad from adClustr in the right navigation. Like all the templates and themes I release sNews Blues is free to download and use but footer links must be left in place.

sNews Blues Preview

sNews Blues

Download sNews Blues: Click Here

Thanks again to those at Solucija for such a great free script.

6 thoughts on “sNews Blues sNews Template”

  1. It’s not as popular as WP or Joomla, but it is really a great script. I’m hoping to use it on my next project…if I can ever keep myself off those dang tangents.

  2. I used to ue sNews 1.6 version, before I decided the time had come to create my very own blogging system (which I used now).

    sNews is really good, but the ammount of fixes kept popping up killed using it for me. Still, it is very good though. I don’t like the way they seem to be heading though with sNews 1.7. And the new look if not nice at all.

  3. Hmm, this looks interesting. I’m not familiar with sNews so I’ll have to have a look. I’ve heard of it as my cousin uses it for his site after someone recommended it but I don’t know how good it is. Looks pretty good, though.

  4. I quit using it a long time ago due to security issues. I can’t comment on recent releases, but hopefully they have secured it better since then.

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