Last TT of the Year

Yes loyal visitors, this shall be the last Thursday Throwdown of 2006! Ready or not, here they come.

  • Just because your mentally retarded does not give you the right to physically take food out of my mouth in a public restaurant. Guardians should be responsible enough to control said, peeps.
  • Someone should invent freakin self leveling drywall mud….damn’t I hate sanding.
  • Why is this the first year I’ve had Dream Sickle fudge, I’ve been deprived my entire life. I blame my parents.
  • New cars don’t come with turn signals, just driver-side douche bags.
  • My wife won’t let me take the Christmas tree down until after her birthday. She was born on Jan 28th. 🙁

That’s all for now, I’ll be looking for all my friends across the net in the new 07. Keep it real kid, because your worth it.

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