January 30th, 07 Vista Day

Looks like the long awaited retail release of Windows Vista will be the end of January of 07. The OS, which took about 5 years to create, is supposedly going to be “rock solid”. Please excuse me if I’m a bit skeptical.

Too help keep sales moving for big name computer developers like Dell/Gateway, Windows offers a free or discounted upgrade cost for any computers bought between now and January 30th. Toward the last few days of January all new computers will be preloaded with the Vista OS. Lucky us, I guess it’s gonna be time to upgrade…again.

For many P2P users the Vista or LongHorn edition of the Windows OS has been readily available. For the past year or more different versions of the OS have been available on bittorrent, newsgroups, etc… Third party applications have been somewhat slow to support the OS, but now that we have an official launch hopefully developers will get a move on.

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