Elite Segregation

RIP EliteTorrents.org  May, 2005

I remember, I was at work and the family I had grown to love disappeared in the blink of an eye. On Oct 26th the first ruling in the first US Bittorrent tracker case took place and ended 23yr old Grant Stanley in jail for 5 months. Adding insult to injury, the sentence also includes 5 months worth of home detention coupled with a $3000 fine. All of this has been reported via TorrentFreak and this evening I’ve spent going over the comments, which make me absolutely sick.

Most visitors, oblivious to the fact that other EliteTorrent admins are reading their comments spout out ‘facts’ and opinions which make the writer look like a tard. It really does make me sick when I think back to the day I was greeted with the red ICE logo and notification that my favorite torrent site had been shut down. Those same feelings are compounded after reading through the comments on the TorrentFreak blog.

The problem is that most people who took the time to comment were not a part of the EliteTorrent family, but merely leechers looking for a quick fix. TPG rose from the ashes of ET and it offered no torrents for download whatsoever, but rather a meeting place for the p2p family and friends. The laws a gray area, the responsibilities of the admins a gray area, it’s just difficult to point the finger at who is really responsible. This does not negate the fact that there are a plethora of idiots commenting over at TF, so if you feel like getting pissed off check it out.

For Scott McCausland and others who have yet to be sentenced…Good Luck! Despite what you may see in the comments at TorrentFreak, you know you still have family out here. 😉

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