Update Your Cracked OS

Auto PatcherUsing pirated copies of any OS is not recommended/suggested/or implied by Nailsblog.com, but if you do and you want to update it, then this is a great way to do it. In addition, if you are looking for a more comprehensive way to update your Windows OS than ‘AutoUpdate’, then you have to check out AutoPatcher.

AutoPatcher pitches itself as an answer to continuous installations, updates, and countless individual patch installations. Their download consists of patches, add ons, and registry tweaks compiled from the latest official Microsoft Windows updates. Furthermore, for noobs(like myself), you are provided with a list of patches/addons/tweaks etc, from which you make your selections. After you hit install, the rest is completely automated and typically only requires the obligatory hard restart.

If during your updating/tweaking you need any support, AutoPatcher’s official forums can be found at Neowin. Neowin is a computer geeks paradise that focuses on the latest net, software, and gaming news.

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