Anyone miss me the past few days? Probably not, nevertheless I believe my disappearance requires some sort of explanation. Well, I decided to install Windows XP Media Center and things did not go quite the way I had planned.

To make a long story short 2 downloads and 3 installs later I was finally able to get a working install of MCE 2005. So, naturally I started with a clean slate that required a little bit of tweaking to get my wireless network up and humming. However, it looks like things are leveling out now and all I need to do is get some basic software reinstalled(Like Newsleecher ;)).

Usually I’ll do a reformat about every 6 months, just to start over and possibly get stuff I hadn’t noticed before. It’s really an educational and eye opening process, since it forces you to see what else is out there that you may have missed first time around. For example, the last reformat allowed me to find a replacement for WMP in regards to a music organizer and player, JetAudio is highly recommended.

For now, I’m off to scower Usenet and the torrent scene to get my much needed fix on apps. I’ll catch everybody up with what I’ve found shortly.

6 thoughts on “Reformat”

  1. Well, when you get up and going with the HD big boys, you’ll need all the CPU cycles a plain-jane player will afford you. When the frustration of trying to play a file with a bitrate that makes your Athlon64 feel like a laptop Celeron, you’ll understand. 🙂

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